New Collaborative Platform for Ag Ed

The Office of Public Instruction (OPI) is transitioning to new collaborative technology throughout the agency, which includes replacing METNET for the Agriculture Education (Ag Ed) community. The OPI will continue to support the community’s work through a new platform that retains the same functions.

Read on for facts about the transition.


When will Ag Ed be migrated to the new platform?

There is not yet a set date for METNET to be migrated. The OPI is currently consulting with members of the Ag Ed community to retain content and functionalities in the new application. The OPI is committed to making sure the Ag Ed community is involved at every stage of the process. 

How will the Ag Ed community be involved?

The OPI understands that a collaborative platform is essential to supporting many of Ag Ed’s connections and projects. Because of this, a team of Ag Ed users is being put together to provide input and support planning. The Ag Ed advisory team includes FFA State Director Jim Rose, Cascade Ag Teacher Eric Tilleman, President of MAAE Rodney Braaten, and Professor of Agriculture Education Dr. Dusty Perry.

What new platform will Ag Ed use?

METNET will be replaced by the Google Apps for Work suite of products. Google Apps for Work is a versatile platform that will be able to adapt to the needs of Ag Ed in this transition from METNET. A versatile Google site will serve as the foundation of the project, allowing pages to be added for each of the ways in which Ag Ed community members communicate and share. Google Groups, Google Drive, Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Chat are just a few tools that will be integrated for a full user experience.

What will to happen to current Ag Ed content?

The current Ag Ed folders, documents, messages, and calendar items will be migrated to the new platform according to the structure outlined by the Ag Ed advisory team. If any of the content is removed, it will only be at the request and/or agreement of the Ag Ed advisory team. 

How will I learn how to use Google applications?

Training will be provided for those who are new to Google products. There will also be a training support site set up with Google Apps for Work resources. Since Google is a widely used collaborative platform, there are many videos and help articles available via a quick online search as well.

What support will be available for troubleshooting Google after training?

The OPI has a Google specialist on staff who can help you work through any issues you have as you are learning to navigate the Google waters. Contact information will be shared when the new platform goes live. 

Check the OPI Ag Ed site for updates throughout the transition process.
Questions? Contact Tara Steinke at 406-444-4607.