Office of Public Instruction Conference Aims to Help Educators Identify and
Use Information to Help Students in Montana


August 1, 2017


HELENA— Educators and researchers from across Montana will come together on September 26-27, in Helena, for The Montana Office of Public Instruction’s (The OPI) 2017 Montana Data Use Conference.

The conference aims to provide Montana educators, administrators and researchers the tools they need to access information that can then be communicated in ways that will improve educational outcomes for Montana students.

The full-day conference will allow educators to network and build relationships. It will also feature presentations and forums on recent research and how OPI is fostering a culture of education data use, specifically, the use of the Growth and Enhancement of Montana’s Students (GEMS) data warehouse –

“Data driven decisions are critical to the success of Montana students. This conference will bring together specialists in education data and promote responsible data governance.”

-Elsie Arntzen – Montana Superintendent of Public Instruction

OPI aims to provide a pathway to a stronger data-use culture in the state, which starts with understanding the resources currently available. Overcoming any obstacles in interpreting that data comes with some training, which the conference will provide.

“In the past few years, Montana’s Statewide Longitudinal Data System has incorporated many new resources for educators that are easily accessible and aim to better Montana education overall.”

-Brett Carter – Montana Data Use Culture Project Manager

Anyone with an interest in education data from early childhood through post-secondary, including superintendents, school administrators, teachers, board members, university faculty and staff, university students, local education agency staff, state education agency staff and IT/technical staff and directors are encouraged to attend. OPI also invites researchers and users to share their work at this conference.

*Advertisements for this conference were paid for by the U.S. Department of Education

For additional questions and for additional resources available to Montana public school educators, visit or contact Joe Hamilton, business analyst, at 406-444-0475, or Daniel Bruce, research analyst, at 406-444-1610.