Superintendent Arntzen Offers Special Session Solutions to Help State Cash Flow and Keep Schools Whole


November 7, 2017 


HELENA— State Superintendent Elsie Arntzen announced the legislative proposals that she is recommending legislators take action on during next week’s special session. Through her conservative leadership at the Office of Public Instruction, Superintendent Arntzen is able to free up over a quarter of a million dollars to assist the state cash flow while still reducing the state-level, agency activities budget by $1.7 million. Her proposal avoids reductions to direct school funding.


Superintendent Arntzen is also recommending that legislators adjust the school payment schedule to more evenly balance out payments each month. She is recommending that the Guaranteed Tax Base payment be spread out over an additional two months. This change will free up roughly $70 million to assist with Montana’s immediate cash flow deficit, while still ensuring that school budgets remain whole.


“School funding should not be used as a pawn in political negotiations. Through these legislative proposals, our agency is leading with long-term solutions for the state’s cash flow and providing stability to schools,” Arntzen said Tuesday. “Additionally, any action during this special session must ensure equity in school funding, avoid further tax shifts to local taxpayers, and must set a responsible starting point for school budgets for the next biennium.”





CONTACT:   Dylan Klapmeier

                       Director of Communications, Montana Office of Public Instruction