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JOIN US for the Montana Data Use Culture Conference held September 19 & 20, 2018 at the Strand Union Building, Montana State University – Bozeman.

Montana Educator License Renewal Unit Certificates will be provided at the conference.

Attached - 2018 Agenda at a Glance

Registration is open for the 2018 Montana Data Use Conference. The conference will be held in Bozeman, MT on September 19-20, 2018. This year's conference hosts two keynote speakers.

Jennifer Bell-Ellwanger is the President of the Data Quality Campaign which is an advocacy organization for effective use of data. She has been widely cited as an expert on the use of data to improve school outcomes by publications such as The New York Times, Baltimore Sun, and Education Week. Her keynote promises to show practices in data use and advocacy which we can all carry into our work.

Kristin Hallgren is a Senior Researcher at Mathematica and has conducted studies on data use at both the K-12 and tertiary levels. She will offer actionable advice on best practices in data use by asking the questions: What’s the Right Data? and Where’s the Right Data? The goal is to create a just-in-time skillset for the Right People to access the Right Data.

Registration – Registration is open at https://tofu.msu.montana.edu/cs/data_use_culture_2018/registration

Breakout session topics include: Data Literacy - Evidence-Based Practice - Data Quality – Data Stories – Digital Learning – Emerging Research – Student Achievement – Early Warning System – Electronic Transcripts – Program Evaluation – Science Education – ESSA Report Cards – College Readiness

Comments from last year’s conference:

Plans to Apply Information from the Conference

For questions, please contact Robin Clausen, GEMS Stakeholder Liaison, at 406.444.3793 or OPIMDUC@mt.gov.

Please note that this conference has a half day on the second day of the conference to accommodate those that are traveling.

Please feel free to forward this to anyone that may be interested. See you next week!


The 2018 Montana Data Use Culture Conference Committee