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3 Big Ideas for Montana Math!


IDEA #1 – Money, Money, Money

Have you been looking for ways to fund a classroom project or attend a specific professional development? Take a look at Montana specific (*) as well as national awards, grants and scholarships you can apply to today!

*MCTM: Montana Council of Teachers of Mathematics: you need to be a MCTM member to apply to the scholarships and awards below.

*MEA-MFT: apply for classroom grants to fund small or larger projects as well as grants to attend MEA-MFT events.


NCTM: National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Grants : you need to be a NCTM member to apply for all of their grants and awards. There are 29 grants currently posted. They range from equity in mathematics classroom grants to professional development grants that fund travel to the national NCTM conference in Chicago or DC. Grants are also available for those who are looking into earning graduate credits.

NCSM: Leadership in Mathematics education grants and awards : you need to be a NCSM member to apply. Currently there are 6 grants and awards posted. They range from classroom grants to grants to be able to attend NCSM annual conference.

Math Teaching.org : has a wide list of awards, fellowships, grants and scholarships. If you have not found one above that is just right take a look here. They range from grants from Toshiba to money for students who plan on becoming a teacher.

Need money now for a particular resource or initiative try: Donors Choose.

IDEA #2 – Spice up your Classroom with Powerful Desmos Activities

If you have never used Desmos in your classroom, give it a try! It allows students to explore equations, tables, and graphs in a far more dynamic way than by hand. Desmos had gone beyond graphing and has create all types of lessons you can use in your class including graphing, virtual card sorts, open responses and more. Andrew Stadel of Estimation 180 has created many classroom Desmos activities ranging all grade levels.

Having trouble deciding which Desmos activity to use?  Email math@mt.gov with your topic and I will find them for you!

IDEA #3 – Virtual Math Communities

Want to talk about interesting math problems and current topics affecting your classroom? Join an online Professional Learning Community (PLC). Find them on the Teacher Learning Hub.

  • Virtual Math Monthly PLCs meets the fourth Tuesday of each month at 3:45 p.m.
    • November 28, we will be looking at Montana student data on GEMs as well as how to interpret your SBAC results. See how you can incorporate Montana state data into your classroom. Join here!
    • Tuesday, December 19, we will be talking about all things formative assessment. Learn where free SBAC and ACT formative resources live and how to use them effectively in your classroom.
    • Can’t attend live? Watch the recordings and earn opi renewal units.
  • Montana Virtual Math Teachers’ Circle meets the first Thursday of every month at 4:30 p.m.. Work on rich mathematics problems and build your Math Teacher community across the state. Next Session is TODAY, November 2,4:30-5:30 p.m.! Join here!

As always, feel free to contact me with your math questions or concerns at math@mt.gov.

- Marisa Franklin, Mathematics Instructional Coordinator


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