3 Big Ideas for Montana Math!

Big Idea #1 – Looking for Rich Tasks?

Check out Billings instructional coach Becky Berg’s favorite go to list for rich tasks! While you are at it check out Becky’s new course on the Teacher Learning Hub on Fact Fluency.

Big Idea #2 – Free online resources overload?

Feeling overwhelmed by online resources? Which should you use? Which are the best? What are best practices around implementation of online resources in my classroom? Join our Virtual Math Community today, Tuesday, February 27 from 3:45pm-4:30pm with Tom Redmon, 4th grade teacher from Hamilton, to discuss best online resources for the math classroom. Join the online conversation through the Teacher Learning Hub or by joining with this Go To Meeting with this link. Earn one renewal unit for participating in the discussion.

Big Idea #3 – Growth Mindset and Productive Struggle

Join us for Growth Mindset and Productive Struggle workshops across Montana. Participants will learn how a growth mindset affects achievement in mathematics; learn instructional strategies to promote student perseverance and productive struggle while increasing students’ math skills and knowledge; engage in math activities; and, discuss strategies that can increase all students’ enjoyment and learning of mathematics. Leave with a toolbox of resources to build growth mindsets and eliminate the “I can’t do this” from your classroom. You also will leave with access to math tasks and learn about scaffolds that build perseverance in your students. Sign up today!

Plains: March 3 | Whitehall: March 10 | Fort Benton: April 14 | Glendive: April 12 | Brockton: April 14 | Drummond April 28

Lunch is provided, earn 6 OPI renewal units, and the event is free! Register here for a workshop nearest you today! Question? Email Marisa Franklin, math@mt.gov.   

Math Newsletters will now be sent out on the fourth Tuesday of every month. Be sure to join our Virtual Math Community conversations every fourth Tuesday of the month for Montana specific mathematics hot topics!

As always, feel free to contact me with your math questions or concerns at math@mt.gov.

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