Big Idea #1 - Looking to Create a Math Club?

Looking to start a math club and not sure where to start? Check out these two FREE math club organizations! Crazy 8’s offers free materials for grades K-2 and 3-5. Mathcounts offers free materials for grades 6-8. Spread the math joy today!

Big Idea #2 - Number Talks to Build Fluency!

Heard about number talks but not sure what they are? Currently using number talks but not getting exactly what you want out of them? Take our But What About Fact Fluency? course on the Teacher Learning Hub. This two-hour course explores key ideas and strategies for improving fluency based on Jo Boaler’s research on "Fluency without Fear."  Check out these two videos to get an idea of what number talks look like Kindergarten Number Talks Video Example and 2nd Grade Number Talk Video Example.   

Big Idea #3 - Upcoming Online PD!

Three-Week Online Math Courses: Reserve your spot TODAY by completing this google form ( or by enrolling directly on the Teacher Learning Hub. Learn more about these excellent, 15-renewal unit, facilitated courses created by professors at Montana State University, the University of Montana, and teacher leaders across the state on the STREAM Math course calendar and descriptions!

Upcoming courses:

November 2-25: Ratio and Proportions 6-7

This 3-week module for middle school teachers explores how a solid understanding of fraction concepts lays the foundation for students to successfully work with ratios and proportions. Specific goals and activities include the following:

  • Recognize how learning progressions for fractions prepare students to successfully work with ratios and proportions.

  • Solve fraction, ratio, and proportion problems in multiple ways.

  • Develop an awareness of student misconceptions related to fraction/ratio/proportions and examine teacher strategies to resolve these misconceptions.

  • Primary Claim Covered: Concepts and Procedures

November 2-25Functions as Objects (High School)

It’s time to fight back against the “function machine!" In this 3-week module, we examine functions as objects in their own right, rather than treating them as rules, algorithms, or machines. We will explore Montana’s Content Standards for functions in high school with a focus on building functions. Finally, we will extend and complete our investigation with a modeling activity. Specific goals and activities include the following:

  • Redefine it! Develop a fresh understanding of functions as objects that can be represented and manipulated mathematically.

  • Move it! Use Desmos (free online software) effectively to discover and investigate function movement.

  • Represent it! Study relationship between the four representations of functions: verbal, tabular, algebraic, and graphical.

  • Primary Claim Covered: Concepts and Procedures

Join the Montana Elementary Math Community (MEMC)

We are excited to begin our first Montana Elementary Math Community this October! Our goal is to build a community of elementary educators across Montana that shares ideas, resources, questions, and inspiration for our math pedagogy. Dan Ries, Target Range Elementary in Missoula, and Tom Redmon, Daly Elementary in Hamilton, will be hosting our monthly virtual gatherings. Monthly meetings will be held virtually using GoToMeeting with our first live meeting on October 28 at 7 pm! Earn one renewal unit per meeting.  Sign up today (new link) to learn more about the community!

Math Question? Ideas? Contact Marisa Franklin at the Office of Public Instruction,

Marisa Franklin

Mathematics Instructional Coordinator, Montana Office of Public Instruction