Big Idea #1 - Updates on the OPI Math Website

We have updated our OPI Math Standards and Supports websites. Check out the new Math Standards page as well as the ESSA Math Support pages. Learn more about free online learning opportunities and in person upcoming professional development across the state as in addition to general resources for math educators. Please send any feedback to

Big Idea #2 - Montana Math Teachers' Circles

Math Teachers’ Circles are professional development communities of mathematics teachers (K-16) and mathematicians who meet regularly to work on rich mathematics problems. They provide an opportunity for teachers to enrich their own knowledge and experience of mathematics while building long-term, meaningful partnerships with other teachers and mathematicians.  There are over 60 Math Teachers’ Circles meeting regularly in 37 different states. Learn more at our Montana Math Teachers’ Circle website. Upcoming MTC gatherings: Missoula: 2/5/19 or check out a virtual online gathering: 2/14 and 2/18!

Big Idea #3 - MathWorks Math Modeling Challenge 2019

The MathWorks Math Modeling (M3) Challenge is a modeling contest for high school students that emphasizes applied mathematics as a problem-solving tool. Consisting of a 14-hour challenge, M3 presents a downloadable problem for teams of high school students with prizes offered to the top six entries. After three rounds of judging, the top teams will continue on for a final event in New York. Registration for this challenge will close on February 22. Learn more at the M3 website.

Ongoing Math Professional Development

Three Week Online Math Courses: Reserve your spot TODAY by completing this Google form ( or by enrolling directly on the Teacher Learning Hub. Learn more about these excellent, 15 renewal unit, facilitated courses created by professors at MSU, UM and teacher leaders across the state. Courses starting February 3rd:

  • STREAM: Algebraic Thinking (K-5)

  • STREAM Algebraic Thinking (6-7)

Catalyzing Change in High School Mathematics book study! Our next meeting is this Wednesday, January 30th at 4 pm we are discussing p.1-36.  Earn six renewal units and engage in meaningful discussions and connections with peers over the next five weeks! Sign up today to receive reminders or join us on Wednesday at 4 pm via GoToMeeting or by calling in and using this access code:(312) 757-3121, Access Code: 638-816-877. Mark your calendars for upcoming online conversations:

  • Meeting 1: Wednesday, January 30, 4-5pm p. 1-36

  • Meeting 2: Sunday, February 10, 7-8pm or Wednesday, February 13, 4-5pm  p. 37-81

  • Meeting 3: Sunday, February 24, 7-8pm or Wednesday, February 27, 4-5pm p. 83-94

Montana Elementary Math Community: Join our community of Elementary Educators from across Montana for our next virtual gathering on Sunday, February 10th from 7-8 pm. The theme for our discussion is all things Algebraic Thinking! Link to virtual GoToMeeting or sign up here to receive reminders of upcoming meetings!

Marisa Franklin Graybill

Mathematics Instructional Coordinator, Montana Office of Public Instruction