Dear Partners in Education,                                                                    

The Montana Plan for the Every Student Succeeds Act has been signed by Governor Bullock:
The OPI appreciates the ongoing participation and input provided by the Governor’s office on the state ESSA plan.  On September 5th Governor Bullock signed the state plan. Any minor technical changes or edits made from now until submission will be approved by the Governor’s office.  

Ongoing Collaboration & Communication
Over last two weeks, many ESSA discussions occurred between the Governor’s Office, Statewide PTA, School Psychologists, various school superintendents and leadership teams, and the Counselors Association. Minor changes have been made to honor and include suggestions from these groups and organizations; please contact me for further details.

Submission & Peer Review:
Montana is prepared to submit the state ESSA plan through a secure government site for peer review between September 14th and 18th. We were told that the DOE will try to complete the peer review and consult with the OPI in four to six weeks; however, it may take longer because many states will be submitting at this time unlike this spring when seventeen states submitted.  After peer review, we will have fifteen days to make revisions suggested by peer review that the OPI and partners in education agree with and then resubmit the plan to the DOE. At that time the Department of Education can accept the plan or request further justification or changes to certain areas of the plan. We are working to further develop the survey in the 5th indicator, school report cards and more over the next two months so that we have further information if requested from peer reviewers. Please watch for calls for participation in these efforts in the near future.

Please send questions to

Susie Hedalen
Director of Educational Services & ESSA