Dear Partners in Education,                                                                  

Updates on the status of the Montana ESSA plan:

The Department of Education requested additional details to be provided under Title V, Part B, Subpart 2 of the plan which were added and can be viewed in the updated plan

The Montana plan for the Every Student Succeeds Act has now passed the preliminary completeness and accessibility check and will soon be posted on the Department of Education’s website. Peer review panels will begin reviewing the Montana plan October 30th.

Join us in the next steps of implementation:
School quality survey development for the 5th indicator - September-November 2017

Building the accountability model system & using it for the first time to comply with annual meaningful differentiation (identifying comprehensive & targeted support schools) - Fall 2017

Revisions to the CSIP- Phase1: Winter 2017 Phase 2: Winter 2018

Implementing extensive support to comprehensive and targeted schools of improvement - Phase1: Summer 2017 Phase 2: Summer 2018

Ineffective teacher definition and plan for reporting- Fall 2018

Report Cards and determination of at least three levels of achievement for students and schools - December 31, 2018

School Expenditure Reporting - 2018-2019 school year

Watch for information coming next week on how you can participate in upcoming work on survey development and report card design.

Please send feedback and questions to