Dear Partners in Education,                                                                       

Alabama and South Carolina were granted extensions on their plan submissions due to recent hurricanes. All other states, as well as Puerto Rico, have now submitted their plans to the Department of Education. The Montana plan for the Every Student Succeeds Act has now passed the preliminary completeness and accessibility check and will soon be posted on the Department of Education’s website. Peer review panels will begin reviewing the Montana plan on October 30th

On October 3rd three states shared information on their plans during the U.S. Senate Committee on Health, Education and Labor Hearing titled, “The Every Student Succeeds Act: Unleashing Innovation”.

Please join us in the next steps of implementation:

  • School quality survey development for the fifth indicator - September-November 2017
  • Building the accountability model system & using it for the first time to comply with annual meaningful differentiation (identifying comprehensive & targeted support schools) & determination of labels for at least three levels of achievement for schools - Fall 2017
  • Revisions to the CSIP - Phase 1: Winter 2017   Phase 2: Winter 2018
  • Implementing extensive support to comprehensive & targeted schools of improvement - Phase 1: Summer 2017  Phase 2: Summer 2018
  • Ineffective teacher definition & plan for reporting - Fall, 2018
  • Report Cards published on school websites & the OPI website - No Later Than December 31, 2018
  • School Expenditure Reporting - 2018-2019 school year

Watch for information coming soon on how you can participate in upcoming work on survey development and report card design.

Please send questions to