Dear Partners in Education,

There has been no new information from the Department of Education lately and I believe last week was the first week ESSA was not one of the topics in the newsletter from Adam Honeysett at the DOE. At the OPI we have been working on a survey that will be sent to all of you to guide upcoming work on survey development, report card design and our next steps for implementation. When the survey is released we are hoping for involvement from all of you, your co-workers and other parents you can share it with.

Frequent inquiries on the Montana State ESSA Plan from education organizations and academic interest groups have been coming into the OPI steadily. OPI staff is responding with accurate information accordingly.

Please join us in the next steps of implementation:

  • School quality survey development for the fifth indicator, September - November 2017
  • Building the accountability model system & using to comply with annual meaningful differentiation (identifying comprehensive & targeted support schools) & determination of labels for at least three levels of achievement for schools - Fall 2017
  • Revisions to the CSIP - Phase 1: Winter 2017   Phase 2: Winter 2018
  • Implementing extensive support to comprehensive & targeted schools of improvement - Phase 1: Summer 2017  Phase 2: Summer 2018
  • Ineffective teacher definition & plan for reporting - Fall 2018
  • Report Cards published on school websites & the OPI website - No later than December 31, 2018
  • School Expenditure Reporting - 2018-2019 school year