Dear Partners in Education,

Under ESSA, the OPI is required to design and implement a report card that provides information on state, LEA and school performance and progress in an understandable and uniform format. 

The agency has formed a working group that is developing a project plan to prepare for the design, development and implementation phases of our new ESSA Report Card. OPI intends to utilize our already existing GEMS Data Warehouse structure and business intelligence tools to produce the report card, which will also tie into our other agency goals of creating a transparent, data-use culture in Montana.  

Once an initial project plan is in place, we will begin outreach to our partners in education to come back to the table and assist us in selecting options that work best for Montana. As our partners in education your input will be invaluable during all phases of design and development.  

Currently, the Montana ESSA Plan is still under peer review, but we will continue to keep you updated. 

Happy Thanksgiving,

Susie Hedalen
Director of Education Services & ESSA