Update on Comprehensive Schools Designated by ESSA                            

Schools in Comprehensive Support and Improvement are finalizing their plans to implement their local Literacy and Math Plans based on the goals and action plans developed during the application process. This includes making sure they have chosen an external partner that meets the needs of their staff, a progress monitoring assessment that indicates how the students are progressing toward proficiency on the state assessments, developing a School Leadership Team to guide the school in decisions that best meet the needs of the students, staff, and community. Budget proposals have been sent and are being finalized. OPI state contacts have been in communication to set up meetings, trainings, and regular school visits.

This spring all comprehensive schools gathered in Helena with their leadership teams and reflected on their data to create SMART goals for school improvement.  OPI staff assisted teams in data analysis and sharing best practices for writing goals and gaining momentum in school improvement.

The Mighty 5 including Pryor, Lodge Grass, Lame Deer, Ashland, and Wyola met for five days last week. Monday and Friday were administrators only with the staff attending the Summit Tuesday through Thursday. Highlights included DJ Vanas presenting on using what is in your own backyard to create success within the community. Carrie Kouba presented a snapshot of what is offered in the book Teach Like a Champion which was provided for each participant in the hopes of using strategies that are new and innovative to create successful and efficient classrooms. Crystal Andrews and Yvonne Field met with the Title III coordinators and principals to ensure they have full awareness of the requirements for English Learners. Michelle Mitchell provided an informational day about Culturally Responsive Standards-Based Instruction and how we all have a culture that forms the person we are and how we build relationships. Kathi Tiefenthaler presented on how we can look different, sound different, and act differently to create different and improved results.

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