September 27, 2018

Calculating Student Growth

Certifying Data October 2nd

When certifying graduation/dropout numbers October 2nd through October 12th please take note that these certified numbers will be used in the ESSA accountability system to determine your school’s designation of Comprehensive, Targeted or Universal.  The OPI strongly recommends a leadership team reviewing this information and certifying on time.  

Revising the Continuous School Improvement Plans (CSIP)

The Continuous School Improvement Plan (CSIP) is now open for 2018. The new CSIP combines five different district/school improvement plans: (1) state-level questions for districts and schools, (2) federal-level plans, (3) schoolwide Title I plans, (4) special education improvement plans, (5) and CTE plans. Please submit specific feedback on what could be improved on the CSIP.  A focus group including representation from the Title I school COP, comprehensive schools, and Advanced Ed. Schools will be asked to participate and the focus group will advise on changes for next year’s CSIP.

Please send general ESSA inquiries to: