Dear Partners in Education,

The OPI is again seeking feedback on the DRAFT elementary and DRAFT high school federal report card prorotypes under ESSA.

Please email feedback to based on the guiding questions below:

  • What other information would you like to see displayed on the report card?
  • Are the report card tables and graphs easily understandable?
  • How can the report card better guide and reflect student growth?

The school report cards will be released displaying 2016-2017 school year data and current ESSA designations by December 31. 2018, and report cards displaying 2017-2018 school year data and the new ESSA designations will be released by March of 2019. Then, each February/March the report cards will be released notifying schools, families, and communities of the school's performance and ESSA designation. Schools will have the opportunity to review the report card before the public release. Schools will be given a template to design a cover letter highlighting data they are proud of, an area the school will be working on with a call to action to the community, and a local data point they want to share that is not included in the ESSA report card. 

We want to stress that these report cards are drafts and we look forward to receiving your continued feedback. Thank you for your input!