To:           Authorized Representatives

From:      OPI Assessment Division

Date:       October 19, 2018

Subject:  System Test Coordinator Verification Request


Authorized Representatives:


We are writing to inform you of the Montana Comprehensive Assessment System (MontCAS)’s user and account management policies for the 2018-2019 school year. Since August 2018 we have been releasing online system improvements on a flow basis with final implementation of these improvements scheduled for late fall.


All MontCAS portals are web-based and restricted-use reporting systems. Only authorized users are permitted to access and manage these system accounts assigned to designated staff. Specific usernames and passwords allow access to confidential school and student data. All educators involved in the administration of statewide assessments are responsible for maintaining the privacy and security of all student records as specified in the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and by state law. As referenced in the MontCAS Test Security Manual mandated assessments may only be administered to students by licensed professionals who have been trained, are familiar with standardized testing procedures, and are employed by the School System. Therefore, it is critical the OPI protects the security of its online portals through the annual verification of the System Test Coordinator and management of user account access each year.

Please confirm your System Test Coordinator who is the sole person responsible for managing the administration of the suite of MontCAS assessments that are required under the Elementary and Secondary Education ACT and state law (ARM 10.56.101). Please complete this request no later than Friday, November 2, 2018 in the online OPI Contacts System. Once you log in using your OPI Common Login ID, you will see the home screen. Using the blue banner, click on the “Data Entry” option to confirm your “Testing Coordinators” or to make the applicable contact changes. Attached to this e-mail is an instructional guide on how to complete this annual review.


Note the System Test Coordinator will be the MontCAS single point of contact for all assessment-related materials and alerts. The System Test Coordinator named from the OPI Contacts System is assigned with the System Test Coordinator MontCAS Application role. The System Test Coordinator must ensure school staff in their district have completed the OPI-specified training and are familiar with the standardized testing procedures found in the assessment-specific Test Administration Manuals. The System Test Coordinator is also required to use the centralized, restricted-use online MontCAS Application to confirm compliance with test security, supply testing dates, request accommodation appeals, report nonparticipation statuses, and report testing incidents.


Should you have any questions about this, please direct these to the OPI Assessment Help Desk at 1-844-867-2569 or We will continue to provide updates about improvements through the monthly “This Month in Assessment” newsletter.




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