Big Idea #1 - Science webinar

MSU Extended University and the Montana Institute on Ecosystems are hosting a climate science webinar on Thursday, December 8, 2016 from 4 to 4:45 pm. The upcoming Montana Climate Assessment (scheduled for release in August 2017) and the CLiMB (Climate In My Backyard) educational outreach program will be discussed. The webinar will be recorded for those who could not attend. Prizes will be given away to teachers who participate in the webinar. Register here to participate in the webinar.

Big Idea #2 - Content Standards Revision Schedule

The following was approved by the Montana Board of Public Education (BPE) on November 18, 2016.  Please visit the BPE website to learn more.

Board of Public Education Content Standards Revision Schedule, Process, Guidelines, and Considerations

The Board of Public Education is responsible for adopting standards of accreditation for Montana schools. See §20-2-121 and §20-7-101, Montana Code Annotated (MCA) and Art. X, sec. 9(3)(a) of the Montana Constitution. Among the accreditation standards are content standards. In 2005, the Board of Public Education initiated a schedule, process, and criteria for standards revision to assure Montana citizens that its public schools are providing all children of our great state with a well-rounded education founded on challenging academic expectations. Beginning in 2016, the Board of Public Education establishes a new revision schedule and updates the revision process and guidelines. The standards revision process fulfills the vital purpose of preparing all Montana students for college, careers, civic engagement, and lifelong learning.

Challenging academic content standards clearly and consistently identify what students should know and be able to do. The standards provide a foundation for local district trustees to align curriculum and instruction, plan for professional development, and identify instructional materials and resources. Parents, educators, and the greater Montana community will be involved in the revision process.

The Board of Public Education adopts a regular schedule for revision of standards in accordance with Administrative Rules of Montana (ARM) 10.53.104, which states:

1.     Montana’s content standards shall be reviewed and revised on a recurring schedule.

2.     A schedule for review of content standards shall be established as a collaborative process with the Office of Public Instruction and the Board of Public Education with input from representatives of accredited schools. The schedule shall ensure that each program area is reviewed and revised at regular intervals.

3.     The standards review process shall use context information, guidelines, processes, and procedures identified by the Office of Public Instruction with input from representatives of accredited schools.

Accordingly, the Board of Public Education provides the following revision schedule:

Cycle I - September 2016-July 2019

  • Content Standards: Social Studies, Career and Technical Education, Digital Literacy/Computer Science
  • Research and Review - September 2016-April 2017
  • Revision - May-October 2017
  • Negotiated Rulemaking - November 2017-2018
  • Adoption - September 2018
  • Begin Implementation - July 1, 2019

Cycle II - January 2019-July 2021

  • Content Standards: Mathematics, World Languages
  • Research and Review - January - April 2019
  • Revision - May-October 2019
  • Negotiated Rulemaking - November 2019-March 2020
  • Adoption - September 2020
  • Begin Implementation - July 1, 2021

Cycle III - January 2021-July 2023

  • Content Standards: English Language Arts/Literacy and English Learners, Health & Physical Education
  • Research and Review - January-April 2021
  • Revision - May-October 2021
  • Negotiated Rulemaking - November 2021-March 2022
  • Adoption - September 2022
  • Begin Implementation - July 1, 2023

Cycle IV - January 2023-July 2025

  • Content Standards: Arts, Science
  • Research and Review - January-April 2023
  • Revision - May-October 2023
  • Negotiated Rulemaking - November 2023-March 2024
  • Adoption - September 2024
  • Begin Implementation - July 1, 2025

This schedule may change based on resource availability or other factors. For more information, visit the OPI Content Standards Revision webpage.

Big Idea #3 - Get More Bandwidth for Your Budget

EducationSuperHighway recently released the full version of Compare & Connect K-12.  You can use the tool’s powerful new features to explore opportunities to get more bandwidth for your broadband budget.

You can use Compare & Connect K-12 to:

  • Find out what other school districts are buying to support digital learning
  • Compare broadband options in Montana or across the country
  • See what service providers are offering to nearby districts
  • View a summary of your 2016 E-rate filing

For the past two years, EducationSuperHighway has partnered with the Office of the Governor and the Office of Public Instruction on the Montana School Broadband Project. For questions about Compare & Connect K-12 or the Montana School Broadband Project, contact Alyssa Cubello from EducationSuperHighway at

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