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Big Idea #1 - 2018 Advocacy Award for Excellence in Indian Education for All

The Office of Public Instruction's Indian Education for All division is accepting nominations for its 2018 Advocacy Award for Excellence in Indian Education for All. The award is given in honor of teacher and former Indian Education Specialist Teresa Veltkamp. The award will be given during the 12th Annual Indian Education for All Best Practices conference in Helena, MT in March 2018. The deadline for nominations is Wednesday, January 3, 2018 at 12 p.m. Visit the Indian Education for All's website for nomination information and rules. Contact Joan Franke of Indian Education for All division for questions and more information.

Big Idea #2 - How to Stop Killing the Love of Reading

Reading is a fundamental skill that crosses all curriculum. Yet, often the way reading is taught kills a child's desire to read, and that the basic ability to read has taken over the need to comprehend what one is reading. Read the article for ideas on how to stop killing the love of reading and for ways to encourage students to read inside and outside the classroom.

Big Idea #3 - Things to Consider When Moving to Flexible Seating

Flexible seating in the classroom is a popular topic in education. KQED, a PBS station from San Francisco, asked teachers across the country about flexible seating in their classrooms. One teacher in Ohio turned the flexible seating idea into a competition for his students. Other teachers offered ideas about what to consider when moving from a traditional seating arrangement to a flexible one. Read the article about what teachers across the country thought about flexible seating and the ways they got it to work for them and their students.

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