School Nutrition Announcements August 8, 2017

Welcome back to school!


Here are some documents to help you get started with the 2017-18 school year:

School Nutrition Programs Checklist 2017-18
Administrative Update Packet for Schools 2017-18



School Nutrition



Twenty-first Release of the Child Nutrition Database (CNDB)



2017 Edition of Accommodating Children with Disabilities in the School Meal Programs



Compliance with and Enforcement of the Buy American Provision in the NSLP



Local Agency Procurement Reviews for School Food Authorities



Flexibility for Co-Mingled Preschool Meals: Questions and Answers


SP36 CACFP15 SFSP11-2017

2017 Edition of the Eligibility Manual for School Meals


Summer Food Service Program



SP36 CACFP15 SFSP11-2017

2017 Edition of the Eligibility Manual for School Meals


Summer Meal Newsletters

Every month, FNS makes available a newsletter highlighting new national resources available to assist with Program administration and best practices to support the Program expansion. The template is available as a Word Publisher file and can be edited and reformatted.

August 2017 [PDF][Publisher]


Press and Events

Children's Food Security and USDA Child Nutrition Programs

This report presents updated statistics on food insecurity among households with school-age children from the Food Security Supplement to the Current Population Survey for 2014 and 2015. It summarizes recent research on the effects of child nutrition programs on children’s food security and diets and discusses recent developments in nutrition assistance for school-age children.


Top of Form

Bottom of Form

Training and Resources

NOW AVAILABLE! The New Web-based Interactive Food Buying Guide

On July 7, 2017, the Nutrition, Education, Training, and Technical Assistance (NETTA) Division in FNS’ Child Nutrition Programs released the first phase of the new Web-based Interactive Food Buying Guide (FBG). The features associated with this release include search and navigation features, comparison features for yield information, and the ability for users to create and save favorite foods lists. The tool also incorporates an exciting new feature: the interactive Product Formulation Statement Workbook which allows manufacturers to easily search and populate selected food items, calculate their product’s contribution statement, and generate a document that provides crediting information for CN Program Operators.

The next phases to be released for School Year 2017-2018, will include the new interactive Recipe Analysis Workbook (RAW), a downloadable FBG, and a FBG Mobile App!

Start using the new Web-based Interactive Food Buying Guide at

Flyer PDF


Plan Your Farm to School Program with the NEW Planning Guide!

The Farm to Child Nutrition Programs Planning Guide directs you through questions to consider when starting or growing a Farm to School, Farm to CACFP, or Farm to Summer program. This planning guide should be used as a supplemental tool to the Farm to School Planning Toolkit. This guide can be updated annually to ensure you are working towards your long-term goals. It follows the same steps as the Farm to School Planning Toolkit, but in a more concise and action-oriented manner. Now is the perfect time to plan your farm to school activities for the next school year!


FRAC Webinars

Afterschool Meals Matter

Back to School: Start Serving Afterschool Meals
August 17, 2017 11:00 AM Mountain
Did you know that the Afterschool Meal Program can help fill the nutrition gap that may exist for millions of low-income children when the school day ends? The Afterschool Meal Program provides federal funding to afterschool programs operating in low-income areas to serve nutritious meals and snacks to children 18 and under after school, on weekends, and during school holidays. Join FRAC, the Afterschool Alliance, and afterschool meal champions for this informative webinar on program basics, how to get started, and best practices for operating a successful program this school year.


Team Nutrition Back to School Resources

Discover MyPlate: Curriculum Training for Teachers
Use this training to help boost educators’ confidence in teaching nutrition concepts and conducting food preparation activities with kindergarteners. Slides and handouts for the teacher training can be found here. After the training, teachers can get started with the Discover MyPlate: Nutrition Education for Kindergarten kit, which includes a teacher’s guide explaining the six lessons and how they help to meet educational standards.   

Serving Up MyPlate: A Yummy Curriculum
MyPlate kits are available for three levels: Level 1 (Grades 1-2), Level 2 (Grades 3-4), and Level 3 (Grades 5-6). Each kit includes a teacher’s guide with three lessons.

MyPlate Guide To School Lunch Infographic
Show parents, students, and teachers how a variety of healthy foods from each MyPlate food group is included as part of a school lunch.

MyPlate Guide To School Breakfast Infographic
Highlight healthy foods that are part of a balanced school breakfast. Learn about why eating breakfast is important for learning, and how parents can help their child eat a healthy breakfast at school.