Instructions for Submitting 2016-17 School Year Food Safety Inspections Report

Due November 10, 2017


Either the Food Service Director or Claims Contact for the district may enter the information. Thank you to those who have already entered the information!


  1. Login to MAPS

  2. Click on School Nutrition Programs.

  3. Click on Applications.

  4. Click on Food Safety Inspections.

  5. Click on Modify for 2016-2017.

  6. For each site, click on None, One, Two, Three or More for the number of inspections received at that site during the previous school year.

  7. If fewer than Two inspections were received, click on the reason.

  8. When finished entering for each site, click Save at the bottom of the page.

Food Safety Inspections Requirement


School Food Authorities that serve meals under the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) and School Breakfast Program (SBP) are required to maintain proper sanitation and health standards in conformance with all applicable State and local laws and regulations.  School Food Authorities are required to obtain two school food safety inspections per school year, which are to be conducted by a State or local governmental agency responsible for food safety inspections (see 7 CFR 210.13 for the NSLP regulations and 7 CFR 220.7 for the SBP regulations at The Child Nutrition and WIC Reauthorization Act of 2004 (Public Law 108-265) increased the inspection requirement from one to two per school year, beginning in school year 2005-06 and requires School Food Authorities to post the latest inspection report in a visible location and make it available to the public upon request.


Food Safety Inspections Reporting Requirement


The State Agency that administers the school meal programs is also required to collect information on the total number of inspections conducted in schools under the jurisdiction and report to USDAs Food and Nutrition Service the number of inspections by November 15 each year.


The food safety inspection requirement applies to all food preparation-service sites and service-only sites. The scope of the food safety inspection may vary according to the type of food service operation and is determined by the agency responsible for inspections.


2015-16 School Year Food Safety Inspections Report Results for Montana Schools


The following information was reported for the 2015-16 school year:

  • 417 report two inspections

  • 286 report one inspection

  • 116 report no inspection

In SY 2015-16, 86% of Montana schools received at least one health inspection during the school year.  The national average was 92%. 


In SY 2015-16, 14 % of Montana schools either did not receive an inspection or failed to report any inspection data to the State Agency.  


Schools continue to experience difficulty obtaining two inspections. The most common reason reported by schools that did not receive at least two inspections was related to the availability of the State or local government agency staff responsible for food safety inspections. While it remains a requirement and a priority for the schools, the agencies responsible may not have the staff resources to provide the required inspections, and they may feel that, due to their excellent practices and implementation of minimum Federal food safety requirements, schools pose less public health risk than other sites they must inspect. 


Schools which are not able to obtain the required inspections through no fault of their own should continue to follow proper food safety practices and have a HACCP-based food safety plan to protect the safety of school meals. Technical assistance materials and other resources are available at: .


The State Agency will continue to inform State and local public health inspectors of the inspection requirement and assert the need for their assistance in ensuring that schools make progress in meeting the inspection requirement.  In the meantime, the State Agency will continue to assist the schools in maintaining safe food service environments through food safety technical assistance, on-site program reviews, and other means.