School Nutrition Announcements June 12, 2018


Meet Our New Food Distribution Manager – Pam Fruh

Pam recently joined the OPI School Nutrition team in the position of Food Distribution Manager, where she will be working with school districts to coordinate the ordering and distribution of USDA commodity products. Pam has 12 years of experience with the Helena Public Schools food service, working in both elementary and secondary school kitchens as well as working on special projects involving alternative breakfast models. In her spare time, Pam is obsessed with all things related to quilting, and has recently taken her third golf lesson.


Only 3 Weeks Left!


SY 2017-18 SNP/FFVP Claims

Please submit individual monthly claims in MAPS

SNP/FFVP claims for May and June must be submitted separately (not combined). 

You may submit June claim now if the school year has ended. There is no need to wait until the month is over.


SY 2018-19 Participating CEP Schools Due by June 29

Schools participating in the Community Eligibility Provision during the 2018-19 school year must complete the CEP Schedule as part of the MAPS Application packet by June 29th

See the MAPS Application Instructions for further details.


SY 2018-19 MAPS Applications Due by June 29

Click HERE for instructions on how to apply

Thank you if you have already completed your application!


The Montana Agreement and Payment System (MAPS) is the online agreement between OPI School Nutrition Programs and School Food Authorities who operate Child Nutrition Programs.  This is typically completed by the Claim Contact, or whoever has Modify rights in MAPS.

The State Agency uses the Sponsor Application in MAPS as a communication tool to understand specific details about your operation.  These details impact monthly claim reporting, the ability to contact the correct individual with program news and updates, and reflects the engaging work happening at your school district. As you complete the application, many details from last school year will prepopulate. We encourage you to look through the application critically, correcting any erroneous information. Update the application to reflect what is truly happening at the sponsor level and each school site that make up each sponsor.

Sponsor Application: high level information. This tells the State Agency who is responsible for administering programs at your district.

Site(s) Application: specific to each school site operating School Nutrition Programs. This tells the State Agency specific details about each school site. For example, each elementary school, each middle school, and each high school in the district.

If you are unsure of an answer to a question in the application, please reach out to the contacts at your district to accurately report information for school year 2018-19. If any changes take place during the school year, please Revise your application.


Areas of Probable Change:

Sponsor Application:

3. Authorized Representative – typically a Superintendent

18. Food Service Director

23. Claim Contact – typically a Business Manager or Clerk

34.-37. Eligibility Information – If any of these questions are answered “yes” it will require you to upload additional information as a checklist item

53. Attendance Factor – Leave blank

57. Date of most current revision of the Wellness Policy – typically updated annually by the school board

Site Application:

16. Farm to School – typically this is the same for all sites in the district

17. Pricing Information – typically meal pricing changes from one year to the next. CEP schools must choose non-pricing

A2. Meal service times for lunch – considerations for a new or altered school schedule

A3. Recess before lunch – considerations for a new or altered school schedule

A6. Types of meal service at lunch – many schools are offering expanded programs to reach more students with meals; reflect what you are doing at each school site here

A8. Points of Service – based on the answer to A6, take into consideration where all meals are served to students and counted, this is the number of points of service

A9. Provision Request – if you operate CEP, please select CEP

B2. Meal service times for breakfast – considerations for a new or altered school schedule

B6. Types of meal service at breakfast – many schools are offering expanded programs to reach more students with meals; reflect what you are doing at each school site here

B8. Points of Service – based on the answer to B6, take into consideration where all meals are served to students and counted, this is the number of points of service

B9. Provision Request – if you operate CEP, please select CEP

Thank you for taking time to ensure this information is up-to-date and accurate for the 2018-19 school year. Please call our office at 406.444.2502 with questions.


School Nutrition Programs Policy


All USDA memos for School Nutrition Programs can be found here


Summer Food Service Program Policy


SFSP Newsletters

Every month, USDA’s Food and Nutrition Service creates newsletters highlighting new resources available to assist with coordination and operation of the Summer Food Service Program.


Grants and Contests


Fuel Up to Play 60

Up to $4,000 per year is available to qualified K-12 schools enrolled in Fuel Up to Play 60 to jumpstart healthy changes.

Application Deadline:  Wednesday, June 13, 2018



    • Enroll in Fuel Up to Play 60
    • Have a registered Program Advisor
    • Participate in the National School Lunch Program


Training and Resources


2018 Montana School Nutrition Association Conference

The Montana School Nutrition Association is dedicated to protecting and enhancing children's health and well-being through school meals and sound nutrition education.

June 26-28, 2018

Best Western Plus Heritage Inn

Great Falls, MT

Register here


Registration Now Open for 2018 Montana Farm to School Summit

Registration is now open for the 2018 Montana Farm to School Summit: Cultivating Connections, held on September 13-14, 2018 at University of Montana in Missoula.


Learn and share how schools and programs are cultivating connections across Montana through the core elements of farm to school--serving local foods, school gardens, and nutrition, agriculture, and food education. Workshops, field trips, and networking opportunities will provide inspiration, ideas, and resources. Anim Steel, co-founder of Real Food Challenge will provide an inspiring keynote address which is also open to the public. The conference features presenters from across Montana and the country.


All individuals interested in farm to school programs are encouraged to attend including food producers and food businesses, school and summer food service personnel, afterschool program coordinators, teachers, school administrators, preschool and childcare providers, parents, students, farm to school practitioners, and groups that support farm to school efforts. Continuing education units will be available through Early Childhood Project, OPI Teacher, and School Nutrition Professional.


Farm to school aims to improve child nutrition by helping children understand and experience where their food comes from. It incorporates healthy farm-fresh food in school meals and snacks, provides increased opportunity for garden-based learning, agriculture education across the curriculum, and strengthens community-wide connections to support local farmers and children’s well-being.


This conference is hosted by Montana Team Nutrition Program, Montana State University, University of Montana, Eat Right Montana/Action for Healthy Kids, Eat Smart Missoula, Garden City Harvest, Lake County Community Development Corporation, Montana Department of Agriculture, Montana Farmers Union, Montana Food Bank Network, Montana FoodCorps, MSU Extension, National Center for Appropriate Technology, National Farm to School Network, Office of Public Instruction, USDA Farm to School, Western Montana Growers Cooperative, Whitefish Public School.


For more information and to register visit or contact: Aubree Roth, Montana Farm to School Coordinator at or (406) 994-5996.


Register today, the early bird registration and discount ends June 30!


Food Buying Guide for Child Nutrition Programs (FBG)

The authoritative source of food yield information for all Child Nutrition Programs. 

It has information to help you determine:

    • The right quantity of food to purchase for your program(s)
    • The appropriate types of food for your program(s)
    • The specific contribution each food makes toward the meal pattern requirements.

Also includes:

    • Program-specific information for meeting the meal pattern components
    • Helpful information related to food purchasing and how to utilize food yield information
    • Additional resources related to meal pattern requirements and menu planning