Celebrate Teen Driver Safety on October 18 and every day!  

Montana Teen Driver Safety Day is the third Tuesday in October during National Teen Driver Safety Week. Proclaimed by the Montana State Legislature in 2009 at the urging of students from Belt High School, its mission is to bring Montana teens, community leaders, educators, and parents together to prevent young driver crashes, the leading cause of death for teens.

What can you do? Forward this email to fellow educators and download the OPI handout with ideas and resources to promote teen driver safety.

As a teacher, community leader or business owner, you can celebrate safe teen driving by showing videos during lunch breaks and posting messages on social media, reader boards, newsletters, and bulletin boards.

Spread safety messages via social media, reader boards, and school announcements.

  • Celebrate Teen Driver Safety Day – October 18. Buckle up!
  • Buckle up. Every trip, every time, everyone.
  • Don’t be a back-seat bullet. Front seat or back, always buckle up.
  • We want to see you again. Drive Safely.
  • Distractions are dangerous!  Stay focused, stay in your lane.
  • Two eyes on the road and two hands on the wheel.
  • Stop the texts – Stop the wrecks!
  • Hit a HOME run. Keep your eyes on the road.
  • Texting? Hang up and drive!
  • You can’t fool physics. Slow down.
  • Be a good role model. Drive Safely. Our kids are watching.
  • Ride Like a Friend. Drive Like You Care.  

How is your school district celebrating teen driver safety? Please take our survey and share what your students are planning to do this year. 

Visit the Traffic Education webpage for ideas and resources to highlight the importance of driving focused, alert and buckled up.

We are here to help.  Call the Traffic Education Office at (406) 444-4432 or email Patti at pborneman@mt.gov or Fran at fpenner-ray@mt.gov.