Audio Version of Adapted Illustrated Montana Driver Manual Now Available

The Montana Office of Public Instruction is pleased to announce that the audio recording of the 140-page Adapted Illustrated Montana Driver Manual is now available. 

Visit the Adapted Illustrated Driver Manual webpage and click on the sections/chapters to open the Windows Media Player (.wav) files. Listen to the recording while viewing the corresponding sections of the manual. 

The Montana Talking Book Library finished recording the revised manual in January 2017. We are indebted to their staff and the many volunteers who clearly and accurately read the 140-page manual to produce this audio version of the Adapted Illustrated Montana Driver Manual. This valuable recording makes this manual accessible to people who need a little extra help understanding the written word.

Contact the Traffic Education Office if there are problems or you want to request the audio version on a flash drive.  Call 406.444.4432 or email  Visit the Traffic Education webpage for more information.