Traffic Education Reimbursement Estimate - $90 per student

TE06 Year-End Reports are due NO LATER than JULY 10!

The 2017 traffic education reimbursement is estimated to be about $90-100  per student and payments will be made in mid-August.  We must have your TE06 Year-End Reports submitted to us no later than July 10.  You can enter it directly into TEDRS or fill out and fax the TE06 form available on our Forms & Reports page.

All traffic education courses that ended July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017 must be reported in the 2017 school year.

The TE06 includes both program information and budget data, so teachers and district staff need to work together to get the report done.

Check the TEDRS Reports section for your Student Count total to verify the number of students we have counted for the year.  Please also make sure your student lists (with completion dates up to June 30) are entered, completed and submitted online in TEDRS, so we can include all students who are eligible for reimbursement.

PLEASE REMEMBER -- to print documents generated in the Traffic Education Data & Reporting System (TEDRS) you need to use Internet Explorer as your browser OR you need to enable "popups" if you use Firefox, Chrome or Safari.  Otherwise, nothing will happen when you attempt to print student lists, permits or other documents in TEDRS. 

As always, if you need assistance, Fran and Patti are here to help.  Call or email Patti Borneman at (406) 444-4432 or Fran Penner-Ray at (406) 444-4396 with any questions or concerns. 

More information is available on the Traffic Education web page.