Traffic Education (TE) Reimbursement $94.12 per TE student in 2017

Many thanks to the 133 school districts that trained 9,190 students in traffic education last school year and submitted their year-end reports on time. In early August, the 2017 Traffic Education Reimbursement will be electronically deposited in district accounts managed by county treasurers. The OPI will distribute $865,000 to school districts that offered state-approved Traffic Education programs during the 2016-2017 school year. District costs were partially offset by the state reimbursement of $94.12 per TE student. This annual reimbursement is made possible by a percentage of driver license fees collected by the Department of Justice, Motor Vehicle Division.

Reports showing the 2017 reimbursement by county and school district are posted on the OPI's Traffic Education Forms & Reports and also on School Finance Payments to Schools (click on the Traffic Education tab).

  • Deposit into Fund 18 Traffic Education Fund
  • Revenue Code 3260 - State Driver Education Reimbursement 

The amount of the Traffic Education reimbursement fluctuates from year to year depending on the number of driver license renewals and other variables. The amount of FY2017 reimbursement compared to previous years reflects the number of students and driver license sales, which is the source of funding for the state special revenue Traffic Education account. 

PLEASE NOTE:  TE01 District Applications are due by August 1 or before your program starts. You can submit this application anytime during the year, but it MUST be approved BEFORE traffic education classes begin.  If you use TEDRS to submit your TE01 application, you do not need to mail or email us a copy.  It will be electronically submitted to us for approval.  We will print it out, sign it and mail a copy back to you with some program information.

Visit the OPI’s Traffic Education web page for helpful resources, forms, reports, and a listing of approved traffic education programs as well as the standards and requirements for running a successful traffic education program.  If you have questions, contact the Traffic Education office at (406) 444-4432 or email