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Montana Traffic Education News - December 2018

1792988.pngHave a Holly Jolly Holiday and Happy New Year!

We may or may not get our usual snowfall and icy roads this winter, but this time of year still has its share of driving hazards. Short days means driving in low light and darkness, which means it's harder to see pedestrians, wildlife, and other drivers. We may have more black ice along with snow-packed roads, which causes a fair share of winter crashes. Before heading out on a long overnight drive this holiday season, please make sure you've had enough sleep or have a plan for resting if you get drowsy behind the wheel. Leave plenty of room between you and others on the road and mind your speed.  Share these safe winter tips for safe holiday trips!

mtea_logo_2017-web.jpgWinter 2018 MTEA News and 2019 Montana Traffic Education Conference

The 2018 Winter issue of MTEA News will soon be in members' mailboxes, but you can also download a copy at MTEAOnline.org.  It's full of great information and Lesson Slam ideas from the 2018 Montana Traffic Ed Conference, and articles by MTEA members Jerry Olson, Roy Thomas, Steven Morales, and Charlie Brown, with a special message from MTEA President Steffani Grogan. Also, be sure the SAVE THE DATE for the 2019 Montana Traffic Education Conference, April 28-30 at the Copper King Hotel and Convention Center in Butte.

car.jpgAre you one of the 90 traffic education teachers whose educator license expires in 2019?

Every year in late January, the Traffic Education office sends a letter to teachers who need to renew their educator license by June 30 and so also need to renew their approval to teach traffic education by September 30. We send the reminder letter so teachers have time to earn the required college credits they need for approval as they're working toward their traffic education minor. Even teachers who have earned their minor and endorsement are required to submit a TE05 application to indicate their desire to be re-approved. We can then update your instructor record and send you a letter showing your status as a state-approved traffic education teacher.

So, if your educator license expires in 2019, please watch for your renewal reminder letter to be mailed in January. It will have lots of good information to help you prepare for the renewal and stay approved to teach traffic education for another five years. Visit OPI's Driver Educators webpage for more information and a link to the online TE05 application for traffic education instructors.

Contact Fran Penner-Ray (fpenner-ray@mt.gov) and Patti Borneman (pborneman@mt.gov) by email or call the OPI Traffic Education Office at (406) 444-4432 with any questions about Teen Driver Education in Montana. Visit http://www.opi.mt.gov/DriverEd for resources and information.