Hopefully everyone had a Happy New Year!

The OPI committed to keeping everyone updated to any changes to the Bus Standards. The workgroup and OPI has finished the proposed changes to the standards to account for legislative changes in HB 355. The revised bus standards are completed and on the OPI School Finance webpage at 2018 Bus Standards

The OPI is scheduled to present the proposed standards to the Board of Public Education on January 19th in Helena. Information about this meeting can be found at http://bpe.mt.gov/. This is an informational discussion, but any concerns or comments about the standards could be addressed to OPI or the Board of Public Education.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Kara Sperle at ksperle2@mt.gov or 444-3249 or Donell Rosenthal at drosenthal@mt.gov or 444-3024.

Thank  you.