The Office of Public Instruction (OPI) has posted the FY2019 Preliminary General Fund Budget Data Sheets and the General Fund Budget Excel Spreadsheet to assist schools in budgeting for the FY 2019 school year. The budget data sheets reflect the basic and per-ANB entitlement rates shown in 20-9-306, MCA, and current rates for the special education instructional block grant and related services block grant. The spreadsheet is currently set to match the Preliminary General Fund Budget Data Sheet amounts.

As a reminder, the data for achievement entitlement is included in the budget limit calculations; however, the state will not issue a data for achievement payment in FY 2019. When districts are preparing budgets, please keep in mind the revenue for this payment will not be realized.

Also, please note there is a change in the data sheet. On the third page, under section 13 is the Building Reserve Permissive Sub-Fund School Major Maintenance Aid Subsidy. This section is required by SB 307 of the 2017 Regular Session. This new section includes (a) the amount districts are legally allowed to permissively levy for the building reserve sub-fund and (b) the maximum allowable state aid per local dollar of effort assuming the state is fully funded. In FY 2019, there will be no state aid payment. This information is statutorily obligated to be reported by March 1st.

The Preliminary Budget Data Sheets are posted at the following link: CLICK HERE

The General Fund Budget Excel Spreadsheet is posted at the following link: CLICK HERE

(Note: Please download this current version of the spreadsheet to your computer (right-click on the link and choose "Save Target As" to save it to your desktop.) Previous versions of the spreadsheet are no longer applicable for preliminary budget purposes.

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