The OPI has some additional information and reminders relating to the passage of SB 307 during the 2017 Regular Session which authorized districts to permissively levy for major maintenance of facilities.


  1. The OPI would like to remind districts of the upcoming deadline which requires districts to notice (by March 31st, 2018) any projected increases in permissively levied funds (specifically including the tuition, adult education, building reserve, transportation, and bus depreciation funds). If the district does not anticipate an increase in mills, it is recommended to estimate 0 for that fund. The notice amounts are estimations so the notice does not prohibit a change of mill amounts when the actual mills are produced, but districts will want to ensure they are able to justify calculation changes from the estimation to the actual mill amounts
  2. In addition OPI has posted additional information relating to the Facilities Condition Inventory (FCI) report. As a reminder, in order to utilize the permissively levied subfund authorized in SB307, districts must first address the safety, damage/wear out, and codes/standards (deficiency categories 1 – 3) in 2008 Facilities Condition Inventory (FCI) report. Districts have had difficulty locating the pertinent information with the facility reports posted. OPI now has added two excel documents located here to aid districts in obtaining the correct information.

There are two files in this link. The top file is a statewide list of all buildings inventoried in the 2008 FCI report and the second file is a statewide listing of all school deficiencies listed in the 2008 FCI report. The excel files should allow you to filter or search for your district buildings. If no deficiencies are listed in the Statewide Deficiency Report, you can move on to the next step of the process which is to update/create an inventory list.  Once the district has addressed the relevant deficiencies, it is the responsibility of the district to update and maintain the inventory report from this point forward. The posted 2008 FCI report will not be changed or updated.   


Additional guidance will be forthcoming in the next few weeks.


I hope this information is helpful to districts, but if you need more information or have further questions, please feel free to contact Kara Sperle at ksperle2@mt.gov or 406-444-3249.