Please see the information below relating to the second semester pupil transportation payment in June.

Claims Reporting Information:

Transportation claims must be received by the OPI with all the proper approvals by close of business day Friday, June 8th, 2018. Claims received by OPI after that will not be paid. Normally the OPI is able to accept modified claims through June 30th. However, due to the funding restrictions, there will be no available funds to pay late claims. Therefore, any claims submitted after June 8th will not be paid. Please make sure all your claims and approvals are completed by the deadline.


In the November special session, the legislature reduced the appropriation for state payments to school districts for transportation reimbursement for both FY2018 and FY2019. The OPI will prorate the reductions across total claims for the year and reduce the June payment to schools by that amount. Included in the attached document are estimated payment reductions based on the first semester data. Districts often have to adjust routes due to a variety of circumstances, so be aware these amounts are not actual reduction amounts, they are estimates only. The deadline of June 8 has been established to allow the OPI time to calculate the final actual reductions in time for the June payment.


Accounting Information:

Keep in mind, districts are required to transfer state or local budgeted and non-budget funds to the transportation fund if necessary to eliminate any increase in district property taxes that would otherwise be caused by shortages associated with the transportation block grant reduction (happening in FY 2019) and state transportation appropriation reduction (happening in FY 2018 and FY 2019). (Districts cannot transfer from the debt service fund or retirement fund.)


The coding to make these transfers on the TFS is as follows:

Revenue String:  5303 available in fund 10 (Labeled as Transfers for Transportation Levy Requirement)

Expenditure String: Fund XXX- 997-61XX-913


Districts will only be able to transfer up to the amount of the payment reduction (actual figures calculated in June 2018) and the amount of the block grant (the amount received in FY 2018 for revenue code 3444 in fund 10).

Additional questions or concerns can be directed to Kara Sperle at or 406-444-3249.