Interactive Webinar Event


The OPI School Finance Division will be hosting a monthly interactive webinar event. What does “interactive webinar event” mean? The meeting will be hosted using a Go To Meeting login for your computer and phone line. All you will need is a phone line, a computer internet connection, and to register for the event. You will call into the phone if you would like to ask questions, or you can simply listen using the computer audio only. We will have different topics and have a set agenda for each discussion. The topic of each webinar will be changing, so please keep your eye on the e-mails sent out with the webinar event topic. Don’t worry, if the event is full and demand is high, we will host another webinar with the same topic later in that month. So mark your calendars, the last Thursday of the month from 10 am to noon we will be hosting a webinar.


May 31st will be the first interactive webinar. We hope the event runs smoothly, but please be patient since this will be the first webinar for us. The topic will cover changes in the FY 2018 TFS reporting and will include the building reserve subfund changes, the changes to TFS expenditure which includes the new school code field, and the NEW TFS upload process. We will run through the MAEFAIRS screens with the building reserve fund changes (the changes are different from the guidance previously issued, so please review the new guidance on the website and sent out via the email system (available HERE)), and the upload process for the TFS revenues and expenditures. If we have time, we will have a question and answer session for any district clerks/business managers in the field.


To register for this event, e-mail Kara Sperle at Kara will send you the information to attend the meeting when you register.


Additional questions or concerns can also be directed to Kara Sperle or 406-444-3249.