Happy pre fiscal year end!

The OPI School Finance team has some updates and reminders.

Staff updates – As some people may have already heard, Mari Haefka is leaving the OPI to spread her wings working with Local Government Services. Her last day is tomorrow. She will be missed. If anyone is interested in being a part of the school finance team, I would encourage you to apply here.  On a positive note, we have a new staff person on board, Keri Ludwig. Keri worked in accounting and payroll for a school district in California. We are pleased to have her on board. She may be contacted by e-mail at Keri.Ludwig@mt.gov or by phone at 406-444-0783.

Monthly Webinars – The division will be hosting monthly webinars on a variety of topics. The webinars will be held on the last Thursday of the month at 10 am. Please keep your eyes open for the registration information on the OPI website.

TFS Changes – Hopefully everyone has already seen the notifications that the TFS expenditure and revenue entry will now be available as an electronic upload similar to the compensation expenditure reporting. The upload templates are on the OPI website for your viewing. Instructions and a demonstration will be completed at the next School Finance webinar on Thursday, June 28th, at 10 am. To sign up for this month's event, please e-mail Debbie Casey at dcasey@mt.gov for registration information.  

Building reserve subfund – The building reserve fund now has a subfund structure that is required during the TFS reporting. Instructions on how those changes will look are available here.

ESSA Per Pupil Expenditure Reporting – If you are a district with an enrollment greater than 1,000, your district will be required to report expenditures by school code beginning in FY 2019 (July 1st, 2018).  The workgroup is close to finalizing the guidance document to districts. Remember, ALL district will have a per pupil expenditure report on the ESSA report card. The districts with an enrollment less than 1,000 will have a report completed at the LE level instead of the school code level. The OPI will take the expenditure information reported on the TFS to calculate the per pupil expenditure report, based on the criteria established by the workgroup.

New Type E School Bus – The new type E, non-traditional school bus, is approved and part of the new bus standards. If districts plan on using this new school bus type, please ensure the cost analysis required in statute is completed before purchasing the new bus. 

Any questions or concerns can be directed to Kara Sperle at ksperle2@mt.gov or 406-444-3249.

Thank you.