MAEFAIRS is now available to report information for the FY 2018 Trustees Financial Summary (TFS) and FY 2019 Budget.

Please click on the following link for access: CLICK HERE

New and Please READ: Changes to the General Fund Adopted Budget Allowances in MAEFAIRS:

There is a change in the MAEFAIRS program when a district adopts the general fund budget. Previously districts were able to first adopt a budget anywhere between the BASE and highest budget in the general fund budget. However, now the system has an on screen validation that will not allow a district to adopt the district’s board approved budget until the district has:

1. Entered all of the transactions in the TFS fund balance for the general fund budget.

2. Entered all allowable non-levy revenues budgeted in the general fund budget.

3. Entered any NEW additional voter approved Over-BASE budget levies (do not include any historical approved levies as this will duplicate the voter approved levies).

4. Enter any excess reserve amounts intended to be used to fund the Over-BASE in FY 2019.

Compensation Expenditures Report:

The Compensation Expenditures Report is now available for districts to report FY 2018 data. Where applicable; if your district added late hires to the 2017-18 TOE, you will be able to complete this report up until the due date of the report. Districts will be able to make modifications to the 2017-18 TOE data while also completing the 2018-19 TEAMS/TOE data due in October. The compensation expenditure reporting is due December 10th, 2018. This timeline was moved to allow for any coding adjustments districts may need to make when reporting.

Net Pension Liability Reports:

NOTE:   Montana Teachers' Retirement System (TRS) reported that the Net Pension Liability report will not be available until early to mid-August.  When the report is completed it can be found at the TRS Net Pension Reports.

The Montana Public Employee Retirement Administration (MPERA) released their Net Pension Liability report and it is located at the PERS GASB 68 PAGE.


If you have lost or forgotten your password, please click on the “Forgot Your Password” link. Enter your user name and e-mail and click on the Submit button. A new password will immediately be emailed to you.

Once you have logged in successfully, follow the steps below to access TFS/Budget:

1. Click on the Data Entry tab 
2. Hover your curser down to the Trustee Financial Summary (TFS). Another menu box will slide open. Choose Step 1: Prefilled Data Verification (Districts Only).

Once you have verified your information on the Prefilled Data Report, you may move on to the other TFS and Budget steps. Special education cooperatives may begin TFS data entry with Step 3 and do not complete the Budget data entry. 

Due Dates:

A completed, printed, and signed copy of the FY 2018 TFS is due to the county superintendent by August 15. FY 2019 budget reports are due to the county superintendent within 3 days after the budget adoption meeting 20-9-131, MCA. School districts must then submit both reports electronically to the Office of Public Instruction no later than September 15, 2018.


TFS Instructions: CLICK HERE
Budget Instructions: CLICK HERE

For accounting, TFS, or budget questions:

Kara Sperle at or call (406) 444-3249 General Budget and TFS questions

Debbie Casey at or call (406) 444-3096 MAEFAIRS access and login information questions

Donell Rosenthal at or call (406) 444-3024 Transportation and Bus Depreciation questions

Keri Ludwig at or call (406) 444-0783 Budget, Tuition and Technology Levy questions

Nica Merala at or call (406) 444-4401 General Budget and TFS questions

Nicole Thuotte at or call (406) 444-4524 General Budget, TFS, Tuition and Technology Levy questions

Paul Taylor at or call (406) 444-1257 General Budget and TFS questions

Kathleen Wanner at or call (406) 444-9852 General Budget and TFS questions

Thank you from the OPI School Finance Staff!