The January 30th School Finance Division webinar is fast approaching. The topic this month is Audit Awareness. In this webinar, OPI Auditor Dan Moody will present an overview of the legal foundation for audits and the financial thresholds for required audits, including a review of:

  • Training resources and information updates and where to find them;
  • The seven standard internal controls and how they can help mitigate the inherent risk for school districts with limited personnel and resources;
  • The Risk Assessment Process, which now includes State Audits;
  • The most predominant audit findings for FY-2017 and how best to implement the internal controls discussed to prevent these findings going forward; and
  • Best practices when responding to audit findings.

Please note that the January Webinar occurs off-cycle, on a Wednesday, as opposed to the regularly scheduled 4th Thursday. Kindly forward this email to those in your school and/or district who will most benefit from or take interest in this information. 

Remember, if you are unable to attend Wednesday, January 30 from 10 AM- 12 PM, you can always listen to the webinar at a later date. Webinars are recorded and posted to the OPI website. Click the red “About School Finance” information box on the OPI School Finance main page and select your topic of interest under the gold “Webinars” box.

To register, please e-mail Debbie Casey at