Due Today, 10/14/16:

> Previous Year Dropout, Graduate and Cohort Verification and Certification.

> Fall Count: Enrollment, Aggregate Hours and Count Date Absences.

> NAEP Selected Schools: Verify 4th and 8th grade enrollment data for extraction for AIM.


Military Connected Students Must Be Marked In AIM

The purpose for collecting this data is to help schools identify children of military families in order to remove barriers to educational success imposed because of frequent moves and deployment of their parents. Military connected students might be located in any district in Montana. Please click HERE for guidance as well as suggested verbiage for registration forms and student annual update forms (if available) that can help to gather this information.

Average Daily Attendance (ADA) for 15-16

2587 enrollments from 2015-16 are missing their ADA information. To see a list of students that do not have #Days Present or #Days Enrolled entered on their enrollments: Select 15-16 Calendar and All Schools>Index>Ad Hoc Reporting>Filter Designer>State Published Filters>Select "student ADA 2015-16 Missing Days Prsent or Days Enrolled" >> click Test button.  Here is the ADA User Guide.

Please Update Your AIM Contact Information

Please email or print and fax the AIM Specialist Update Form whenever your local AIM staff changes so that the OPI AIM support staff contacts the right person if student data issues arise. Thank you!!

Protecting Student Data 

Protecting student data is of the highest priority at the Office of Public Instruction and our STUDENT RECORDS CONFIDENTIALITY POLICY outlines what measures we take do just that.

Listed below is an excerpt from page 6 of the OPI Student Records Confidentiality Policy listing measures we takee to protect student data:

  1. Protect visibility of reports and computer monitors when displaying and working with confidential information;
  2. Lock or shutdown workstations when left unattended;
  3. Store electronic data in a password protected, secure location only accessible by the authorized entity;
  4. Protect physical data (including hard copies of reports, storage media, notes, and backups) from unauthorized persons and secure when not in use;
  5. Change data to guarantee anonymity and omit or mask counts of five or fewer if reports containing any confidential student information are used in meetings or presentations, or presented to anyone without authorized access to the information;
  6. Shred paper reports and destroy electronic files in accordance with the Montana Secretary of State’s Local Government Retention and Disposition Schedule when no longer needed;
  7. Do not fax PII;
  8. Stamp or otherwise mark all reports, CDs, or any other media containing PII (including protective envelopes) as confidential prior to being released outside the agency; and
  9. Encrypt email containing PII, or use the file transfer process set up in ePass. Instructions for using ePass can be found at
**Thank You For All That You Do! Please don't hesitate to contact the OPI AIM Help Desk at 877-424-6681 or 406-444-3800 or email with any questions or concerns.**