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The OPI AIM staff has been made aware of a bug that was fixed and released in version 1705 related to creating and naming calendars. Following is an excerpt from the Infinite Campus Release Notes on version 1705:

Calendar: (SIS-101334) "Modifying calendar information and navigating away from the selected calendar caused the modification to be made to another calendar (if a user chose a different school year/calendar in the Campus toolbar). This has been corrected. Any further action on the Calendar Information tab now displays information for the calendar chosen in the Campus toolbar."
Path: System Administration>Calendar>Calendar

We would recommend delaying work on calendars in Infinite Campus until after the update to version 1705.

Version 1705 was set to be taken into production on April 29th. However, in light of this new information that can adversely affect districts' work on their calendars for next year, we have decided to reschedule the 1705 update as follows:

The completion length of time for the Infinite Campus updates has been that AIM is back online within eight hours. However, we are still giving the longer timetable in case there are any issues.

The OPI sincerely apologizes for any inconvenience these changes to the schedule and interruptions of access to the AIM system may cause.  We are offering an extra service of personal phone calls, texts or emails as soon as the AIM system is available.  If you would like us to contact you, please respond to this email with a request and OPI AIM staff will follow up with you to let you know as soon as the system is available for use.


NOTE: You will need to be logged in to Campus Community in order to use the following hyperlinks and resources. Should you need to setup an account please refer to the OPI AIM user guide Creating a Campus Community Account.

New Release Lunch & Learn Webinars - Infinite Campus conducts and records these monthly webinars that provide an overview of what the update will cover. They occur on either the first or second Thursday of each month at 12:00 Noon Central Time. To sign up for the live webinar, go to the Campus Community News Page and in the right column under Upcoming Events you will find these webinars listed, among others from ICU. These are free to all and you don't have to have an ICU account.  You can find the archive of prerecorded Lunch & Learn webinars by scrolling down to the bottom of the FREE ICU Recorded Webinars page.

Infinite Campus Release Notes Page - This is the page in Campus Community with links to each version's Release Notes. 

** Thank You For All That You Do!  Please don't hesitate to contact the OPI AIM Help Desk at 877-424-6681 or 406-444-3800 or email opiaimhelp@mt.gov with any questions or concerns.**