Recent Reorganization of AIM Dropout, Graduate and Cohort State Published Ad Hoc Reports

The OPI AIM staff are preparing for the upcoming certification of the 2016-17 dropouts, graduates and cohorts to be done inside AIM/Infinite Campus this fall. (This will replace the dropout, graduate and cohort certification process previously done inside the ‘OPI Reporting Center’ application.)  As part of that preparation, the state published ad hoc reports pertaining to these three groups of students are no longer grouped by ‘EOY’ (for end of year) and ‘BOY’ (for beginning of year).  The names of the state published dropout, graduate and cohort ad hoc reports in AIM/Infinite Campus are now grouped as follows:

» DROPOUT (for ad hoc reports pertaining to Dropout students) Currently there is one ad hoc report called:

  • DROPOUT by School, Grade Level, Name

» GRADUATE (for ad hoc reports pertaining to Graduate students) Currently there are four ad hoc reports called:

  • GRADUATE by Name Not Foreign Exchange
  • GRADUATE Excluded as Foreign Exchange
  • GRADUATE Missing Diploma Information
  • GRADUATE NOT Grade 12

» COHORT (for ad hoc reports pertaining to Cohort students) Currently there is one ad hoc report called:

  • COHORT Missing Date First Entered 9th Grade

(There are other state published ad hoc reports that will remain grouped by ‘EOY’ and ‘BOY’.)

The OPI AIM staff will be sending emails on how the new certification process works, when the new user guides are available and how the districts can prepare for certifying their Dropout, Cohort and Graduate data inside AIM/Infinite Campus. We are expecting the start and end date range of the ‘Beginning of Year’ collection and the amount of time provided for the districts to complete their ‘Previous Year Dropout, Graduate and Cohort’ state reporting to remain similar to  previous years.    (Watch for the AIM 2017-18 Data Collection Schedule to be released around the end of July.)