The OPI will be taking a version update to Infinite Campus on 8/4/17 that will affect the course setup area and manual entry of transcripts inside the District Edition and the MT Edition Value Added of Infinite Campus.  These changes will help to increase the accuracy of these course SCED fields when districts run the TEAMS extract and MT Electronic Transcript course extract from Infinite Campus.

It is important that the districts use this NEW GUIDE on our AIM website Verifying Course SCED Values to check their course NCES/SCED data and fix the course SCED values no later than Thursday, 8/3/17.

In general, this Infintie Campus software update will include:

  • A data check validation pertaining to the existence of the NCES course data for the SCED subject area and SCED course identifiers for each course during the manual entry of course data or manual entry of transcript data.  
  • A one-time process will run during the Infinite Campus software update on 8/4/17 that will copy the value from inside the course's NCES code (from inside the course NCES data area) and update/complete the course ‘State Code’ field value.
  • The ‘State Code’ field on the course setup area and the transcript record will be set to be ‘read only' status.
  • The ‘State Code’ field will automatically be updated with the course's NCES code value when the district manually completes or changes SCED course data on a course record or on a student's transript record.

See number 5 on the guide Verifying Course SCED Values for more detailed information on these course changes in this software update.

Please call the OPI AIM Help Desk (1-877-424-6681) with questions.  Choose option 1 for the AIM system or choose option 4 for the MT Electronic Transcript System.

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