Preschool (PK) Grade Level Students. Please keep student enrollment data updated in AIM for PK grade level children/students. This enrollment data for students in grade level PK should be updated throughout the year and again at the end of the year. These PK students' enrollments should be ended when the student is no longer enrolled or receiving special ed. services. This includes those students who are evaluated for special education and they don't qualify.  If the student never attended class or was not ever provided services, these enrollments should have an end date for the same day they were enrolled. (Another option is to delete the enrollment record, but do NOT delete the student record.)

Please run the state published ad hoc report called ‘EOY Missing End Date or Status’ to find if you have students missing an end date.

Also make sure their service type is correct during their transition from the PK year enrollment into their KF year enrollment. If the PK enrollment has an 'N' service type indicating they are receiving special education services only, make sure the enrollment service type gets changed to 'P' when they go to KF grade level in the new school year enrollment, unless their services continue to be limited to special education (e.g. a home school student) in which case the service type would continue to be 'N.'

AIM Average Daily Attendance (ADA) Collection Due June 30th. There are still some districts that have not completed their ADA reporting for the 2016-17 school year. The ADA Collection can be entered as soon as the school year has finished! ADA is required for all students enrolled at any time during the 16-17 school year that have a Service Type of P: Primary or S: Partial. The number of days present and number of days enrolled for each student's enrollment record can be completed in AIM via upload or direct entry.  For those districts who use Infinite Campus as their local student system, it can be automatically calculated and populated using the process in Infinite Campus that looks at the students' schedules and attendance records. Please refer to the ADA Collection User Guide for specific instructions.

End of Year Graduate Data Verification. Please verify that you've completed your end of year graduation data with the following state published ad hoc reports:

» student ALL Cohort Missing Date First Entered 9th Grade
» student EOY Graduates Missing Diploma Information
» student EOY Graduates NOT Grade 12
» student EOY Missing End Date or Status

Summer Dropouts (Grades 7-12). For students who were in grade levels 7-12 in the 2016-17 school year who dropped out over the summer, please do NOT change the end status on the 2016-17 enrollment record. Please add a one day enrollment for the 2017-18 school year with a dropout end status. 

LEP is now EL

In accordance with the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), on August 4, 2017, an update to Infinite Campus changed all references to LEP (Limited English Proficiency) to EL (English Learner). However, if a district has created a custom flag and named it LEP, they will have to manually change the name of that flag to EL in order to comply with ESSA. 

The steps to change the custom flag in Infinite Campus are as follows:

>Program Admin
>Select the LEP flag and change the name to EL
>click Save

Locations for Fall Regional AIM Montana Edition New User Sessions

Listed below are the locations for all of the 2017 Fall AIM New User sessions:
» Sept. 18th – Helena, MT Dept. of Transportation
» Sept. 19th – Glendive, Dawson High School
» Sept. 20th – Billings, Lincoln Center
» Sept. 25th – Missoula, Big Sky High School

For more information or to register, email Andy Boehm at or call 406-444-0375.

Helpful AIM Links:

> AIM Website

> AIM Collection Schedule

> AIM New User Guide

> AIM District Contact Update Form

** Thank you for all that you do! Please don't hesitate to contact the OPI AIM Help Desk at 877-424-6681 or 406-444-3800, or email with any questions or concerns. **

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