New OPI Website on August 31

On Thursday, August 31st, OPI will have launched a new and improved website: OPI.MT.GOV

The new AIM webpage can be found by clicking on the "Leadership" category at the top of the new OPI website. And, from that drop down, select the "AIM-Achievement in Montana" item under the Data & Reporting headline.

We've been working furiously to get all of the AIM user guides and information ready for the launch of the new OPI website. However, much of it is still under construction, especially the hyperlinks and user guides. We appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconvenience.

If you can't find what you're looking for, please call Candi Standall at 406-444-3495 or email her at and she'll do her best to get you what you need!

Red vs. Black Active Student List in Infinite Campus

The AIM/Infinite Campus version update on Aug. 4th affected how and when the font of the student list appears red or black on the Search tab.  If you are seeing the list of all your students in a red font (instead of black), in order for the list of names to appear in the correct font color (black = active enrollment, red = inactive enrollment), each school calendar must have minimal work done to the terms, periods and days tab.

Follow the instructions below to minimally complete the calendar tabs in each school’s calendar in your district:

1. Select the current year, a school and a calendar in the top green bar at the top of the screen.

  • Select the Index tab.
  • Select the System Administration module.
  • Select the Calendar module.»   Select the Calendar item.

2. Select the Terms tab.

  • If there is a Term named in the box (i.e., Full Year) click on it and fill in the dates for the term with the start and end dates for when school starts and ends.
    • If the dates are already entered and correct, move on to step 3.
  • Click Save Term Schedule/Terms.
  • If there is not a Term named in the box, click on +New Term Schedule/Terms.
  • Select the Full Year option and click the Create Terms box.
  • Select the Full Year name in the box and enter the dates for the term with the start and end dates for when school starts and ends.
  • Click Save Term Schedule/Terms.

3. Select the Periods tab

  • If there is a Period named in the box (i.e., Full day or Default) click on it and fill in the start time and end time of your school day and enter the minutes for Lunch, including non-structured recesses.
    • If the times are already entered and correct, move on to step 4.
  •  Click “Save Period Schedule”

4. Select the Days tab

  • Click on the “Day Reset” item.
  • Enter the Start Date and End Date for the school calendar. These are the days that students start and end their attendance at school.
  • The Fill Missing Days Only box should be checked.
  • The days of the week that school is in session throughout the year should be checked. For instance, if your school is not in session on Fridays, uncheck the Fri box.
  • Click “Create Days”

5. Refresh and View the Student list.

  • Refresh by either using the F5 button on your keyboard, clicking on the refresh symbol in your browser, or logging out and logging back in.
  • Select a calendar in the calendar bar.
  • Select the Search tab.
  • Select the Student search category.
  • Leave the criteria box empty.
  • Click “Go” to view your list of students in the selected calendar.
  • After completing these steps, if the student list is still not in black font, please email the or call at 1-877-424-6681.