Data Checklist to Prepare for Fall Count on Oct. 2nd:

ü  Verify that all students have an enrollment and no overlaps: “Index>Student Information>Reports: >Duplicate IDs and >Enrollment Status and >Enrollment Summary and >State Enrollment Verification And State Enrollment Overlap.”

ü  Enter End Date and End Status for withdrawn students. (Exit Scenarios Guide and/or Enrollment End Status Codes.)

ü  Enter Special Education Exit Date and Exit Reason for exited Special Ed students. (Located in Special Ed Fields section of Enrollment.)

ü  Verify that all completed Special Education ERs and IEPs are locked.

ü  Verify status of MT Youth ChalleNGe, Job Corps and Montana Digital Academy students and End Date enrollment and/or flags as necessary. (MT Programs: Job Corps & MTDA and/or MT Programs: Youth Challenge)

ü  Follow the Fall Attendance and Aggregate Hours Collection Guide to:

  • Enter new students and exit students no longer in attendance.
  • Enter Aggregate Hours and Count Date Absences.
  • Verify Race/Ethnicity data.
  • Verify that the district’s SIS, AIM, and MAEFAIRS enrollment data match as of the count date.

ü  Follow the MT Programs: Job Corps & MTDA and/or MT Programs: Youth Challenge guides to:

  • Enter End Dates and/or Start Dates for MT Youth ChalleNge Students
  • Verify continued participation and grade level for continuing Job Corps Students.
  • Create Flags for Job Corps and MT Youth ChalleNGe students.

ü  Verify Data using State Published Ad Hoc Reports: “Index>Ad Hoc Reporting>Filter Designer>>+State Published>student FALL Missing Aggregate Hours” and other “FALL” and “ALL” ad hoc reports.”

ü  ReSync enrollment data: 

  • MT Edition users after uploading files.
  • Disrict Edition or MT Value Added users after running the MT Count Date Attendance wizard.

NOTE: The Fall Count IS used for ANB funding and requires MAEFAIRS importing and submission. For MAEFAIRS reporting instructions see the MAEFAIRS Count for ANB Reporting Instructions user guide.

Extra Data Reminders:

ü  SPED or 504 students can qualify for Full-Time Aggregate Hours: If a student is being served under and IEP or 504 plan, the student may be counted as full-time enrolled, even when attending less than full-time hours, if the student's plan includes amodified attendance schedule.

ü  Changes to Race/Ethnicity: If a typo, fix in the Demographics screen. If a change, create New Identity with new information.

ü  Never Check the No Show Box: This will prevent that student from syncing to the state, or being found when conducting a student search.

ü  Do not use Student Locator to enroll a student that has been in your system before. Use the Search tab and search for All People to find them, then create a new enrollment.

ü  Kindergarten Students with N Service Type: Check all Kindergarten students to make sure they have the right service type. Oftentimes, PK students that were "N: SPED Only" service type last year are rolled forward, and the service doesn't get changed to "P: Primary." (Use the state published ad hoc: Index>Ad Hoc Reporting>Filter Designer>>+State Published>student ALL Kindergarteners with N Service Type.)

ü  Kindergarten Students Not 5 Years Old on 9/10: If a student's birthdate is after 9/10, but the district decides to allow Kindergarten registration, the student must have board approval to receive ANB funding. For further details, see the Kindergarten Students Not 5 user guide. (Use the state published ad hoc: Index>Ad Hoc Reporting>Filter Designer>>+State Published>student ALL 2017-18 KG students Less than 5 yrs. old.)

Helpful AIM Links:

** Thank you for all that you do! Please don't hesitate to contact the OPI AIM Help Desk at 877-424-6681 or 406-444-3800, or email with any questions or concerns. **

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