To prepare to collect the new ESSA Chronic Absenteeism data in AIM for 2017-18, as per the Federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), the OPI AIM staff have been working with Infinite Campus and other student information system (SIS) vendors.  Here is an update on the status of the work being done in the OPI AIM system for collecting this data. 

We are expecting the changes in items in 1-6a below to be available when the OPI takes an Infinite Campus software version 1801 update planned for 4/27/18.  (At this time, we do not have an estimated time of when items 6b - 7 will be available in Infinite Campus.)

1)     We will be combining the end of school year AIM ‘Average Daily Attendance (ADA) Collection’ with the new AIM ESSA days absent collection (for ESSA chronic absenteeism), so there has also been a change to the name and contents of the AIM collection due at the end of the school year.

Former/current AIM Collection Name: Average Daily Attendance (ADA)

New/Combined AIM Collection Name: End of Year Attendance Totals 

This collection will combine the current end of year AIM ADA (average daily attendance) collection with the new AIM end of year ESSA days absent data collection. 

2)     The above name change in the AIM collection will also be reflected in the MT Edition file upload template.

              Former/current MT Edition AIM Upload File Template Name: Average Daily Attendance 

              New/combined MT Edition AIM Upload File Template Name: End of Year Attendance Totals

3)     Here is a link to the new 'End of Year Attendance Totals' upload file template for MT Edition districts on our AIM website. 

4)     Here is a link to the 'Federal C195 File Specification' on our AIM website.

5)     Here is a link to the 'Chronic Absenteeism General Information' document onour AIM website.

6)     SIS Vendors have been contacted to develop the following items:

  1. a new field called ‘ESSA - # days absent’
  2. a process that calculates the values for the new ‘ESSA  - # days absent’ field, based on the students' daily attendance. 
  3. An extract process that matches the format of the new 'End of Year Attendance Totals' file upload template provided by the OPI.

7)     Infinite Campus is developing a new ‘ESSA Chronic Absenteeism’ report that will be available in Infinite Campus for all districts.  This will report will produce a list of students (by school) determined to be chronically absent based on their number of 'ESSA - # days absent' values in relation to their number of days enrolled, inside their enrollment records.

Please email the AIM Help Desk ( or call the AIM Help Desk at 1-877-424-6681 (406-444-3800) if you have any questions.

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