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It's time to complete the Spring Count!

The Spring Enrollment data must be accurate for enrollments as of February 5, 2018. If there are no classes held on that date use the next regularly scheduled school day. Calculation processes and uploads of data should not be completed until the day AFTER the count date. This collection absolutely ends February 9, 2018.

Once you have calculated or uploaded your data, run the state published ad hoc filter "SPRING Aggregate Hours Missing 2018" to see if any students are missing their aggregate hours and manually fix that if necessary.

ReSync enrollment data after uploading files (MT Edition users only) or running MT Count Date Attendance wizard (for District Edition or MT Edition Value Added users). Path: Index -> System Administration -> Data Utilities - > Resync State Data -> Check the box next to Enrollment on the list of items, other items will auto check -> scroll to bottom and Click Send Resync.

NOTE:  If your district uses Infinite Campus to schedule students and take attendance, you should be using the MT Count Day Attendance tool in Infinite Campus that automatically calculates and populates both the aggregate hours and count day absences (when applicable).

Path: Select Year and School -> Index -> MT State Reporting -> MT Count Date Attendance ->Select Count Period to Calculate (Fall/Spring/TW) -> Count Date auto populates -> Leave all boxes checked -> Leave Ad Hoc box blank -> Click Run Test -> if that report looks good to you, return to MT Count Date Attenance screen and Click Generate. Then run the above-mentioned state published ad hoc filter and if all is good, run the Resync State Data process!

Grade Level Changes

Make sure grade level changes are handled correctly and timely in AIM. As soon as you are aware of a change, use the following procedures: 1) If the grade level change is the result of a mistake, change the grade level in the current enrollment; 2) If the grade level change is merited based on the student’s performance, end the student’s current enrollment as of the last day in that grade using End Status 105: Change in grade level during regular school year. Create a new enrollment with the new Grade Level as of the first day in the new grade level using Start Status 02: Continued enrollment same school, no interruption. Also, if the grade level change occurs over a count date (October 2, 2017 or February 5, 2018), and you have already submitted to MAEFAIRS, contact Nica Merala for a MAEFAIRS adjustment at 406-444-4401.

AIM Dropout, Graduate and Cohort State Published Ad Hoc Reports

The OPI AIM staff are preparing for the upcoming certification of the 2017-18 dropouts, graduates and cohorts to be done inside AIM/Infinite Campus in the fall of 2018-19. This will replace the dropout, graduate and cohort certification process previously done inside the ‘OPI Reporting Center’ application.  As part of that preparation, we wanted to remind you about the state published ad hoc reports pertaining to these three groups of students. These reports are located in AIM/Infinite Campus: Index -> Ad Hoc Reporting -> Filter Designer. In the list of filters, click on the + next to ‘State Published.’ The ad hoc reports are named and grouped as follows:

» COHORT (for ad hoc reports pertaining to Cohort students) currently, there is one ad hoc report called: » DROPOUT (for ad hoc reports pertaining to Dropout students) currently, there is one ad hoc report called: » GRADUATE (for ad hoc reports pertaining to Graduate students) currently, there are four ad hoc reports called: The OPI AIM staff will be sending emails on how the new certification process works, when the new user guides are available and how the districts can prepare for certifying their Dropout, Cohort and Graduate data inside AIM/Infinite Campus. We are expecting the start- and end-date range of the ‘Beginning of Year’ collection and the amount of time provided for the districts to complete their ‘Previous Year Dropout, Graduate and Cohort’ state reporting to remain similar to previous years.   Watch for the AIM 2018-19 Data Collection Schedule to be released around the end of July.

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** Thank you for all that you do! Please don't hesitate to contact the OPI AIM Help Deask at 877-424-6681 or 406-444-3800 or email opiaimhelp@mt.gov with any questions or concerns. **

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