Test Window Enrollment Collection Due April 3rd and Test Window Program Participation Collection Due April 10th

Data collected during the AIM Test Window collections (both enrollment and program participation data) will be used for submission to our testing provider, Measured Progress, on May 11th.  This data will be used for the MARS system for the reporting of CRT-Science data.  It will also be used for reporting of assessment data to the GEMS data warehouse later on.  Please note:  this collection pertains to all students in all grade levels not just those that are being tested.

The AIM Test Window collections also feed into the OPI’s federal reporting process, which will generate funding for students.

Below you will find the checklists for both Test Window (TW) Collections. Enrollment data for the TW Count must be accurate for enrollments as of Tuesday, March 20, 2018. Calculation processes and uploads of data should not be completed until the day AFTER the count date. This collection absolutely ends Tuesday, April 3, 2018.

NOTE: Absences ARE entered for the TW Count. TW Enrollments are NOT used for ANB funding.

Test Window Enrollment Collection Checklist

Follow the Test Window Enrollment & Aggregate Hours Collection Guide to:

¨ Check Service Type for all students and assure Aggregate Hours match accordingly.

¨ Enter Aggregate Hours and Absences for all students.

¨ For early graduates, enter Diploma Date, Diploma Type, Diploma Period and verify that Aggregate Hours are equal to the hours for the Spring count date.

¨ Verify Data using State Published Ad Hoc Reports:

Index -> Ad Hoc Reporting -> Filter Designer -> +State Published -> “student TW Absent on Count Date 2018”, “student TW Aggregate Hours Missing 2018”, or “student Aggregate Hours Not Full Time 2018.”

Follow the MT Programs: Job Corps & MTDA and/or MT Programs: Youth Challenge guides to:

¨ Enter End Dates and/or Start Dates for MT Youth ChalleNge Students

¨ Verify continued participation and grade level for continuing Job Corps Students

¨ Create Flags for Job Corps and MT Youth ChalleNGe students.

¨ ReSync enrollment data after uploading files (MT Edition users only) or running MT Count Date Attendance wizard (for District Edition or MT Edition Value Added users only).

Test Window Program Participation Collection Checklist

Test Window Program Participation data is used to determine sub - groups for AYP calculations. Sub -groups are calculated by Race/Ethnicity, Meal Status (Free/Reduced Lunch), English Learners (EL Status) and Immigrant Status. The collection looks at student participation as of Tuesday, March 20, 2018 (Test Window Count Date) and must be completed by Tuesday, April 10, 2018.

Follow the Program Participation Collection Guide and/or Program Participation Verification Guide to:

¨ Update Military Connected Status (once checked, leave checked for the school year).

¨ Enter Title I data (Targeted Title I Instructional Services by Type, Title I Support services by Type, Title I Part A Neglected, Title I Part D Delinquent).

¨ Enter/Verify data for Immigrant students (Date entered US school, Home Primary Language.)

¨ Enter/Verify data for 21st Century participants.

¨ Enter/Verify for Foreign Exchange students.

¨ Enter/Verify data for Gifted/Talented students.

¨ Enter/Verify data for Homeless students (Nighttime Residence, McKinney Vento, Unaccompanied Youth).

¨ Enter/Verify data for Section 504 students.

¨ Enter/Verify FRAM status (FRAM Guide)

¨ Enter/Verify EL status for students new to the program or transfer students (include Home Primary Language and Language of Impact). (EL Tool Guide)

¨ Enter/Verify EL status for continuing students.

¨ Verify Data using State Published Ad Hoc Reports:

Index -> Ad Hoc Reporting -> Filter Designer ->> +State Published: -> “student TW EL (English Learner) Students”, “TW Foreign Exchange”, “TW FRAM Students 2018”, “TW Gifted and Talented”, all of the TW reports.

¨ ReSync enrollment data after uploading files (MT Edition users only) and/or running a process such as MT Count Date Attendance (District Edition or MT Edition Value Added users only).

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** Thank you for all that you do! Please don't hesitate to contact the OPI AIM Help Deask at 877-424-6681 or 406-444-3800 or email with any questions or concerns. **

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