Messages Regarding State of MT Published Data Certification Types

The OPI is working on preparing the Data Certification area to allow all districts to certify their behavior data using Infinite Campus.  As we develop, modify and re-publish these certifications, you may see emails and notifications in your Infinite Campus ‘Process Alerts’ area stating “The State of MT published Data Certification Types.”

As soon as we have completed preparing the Data Certification area, we will send out guidance documents with instructions on how to use this tool to certify your behavior data. This annual Behavior Certification process will officially begin on May 15th and end on June 30th.

Thank you for your patience and consideration. If you have questions or need further information please contact the OPI AIM Staff at or call the help desk at 877-424-6681.   You can also contact Mary Graff in the OPI Special Ed. Division at or call 406-444-0685.