AIM End of Year Collections

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AIM has three End of Year (EOY) Collections that involve wrapping up the current year's enrollments and preparing calendars for the new year, verifying students' program participation, and (after school is out) recording student attendance totals.

Note: Please complete these processes before the deadlines. The end of year data is needed before the students return in the fall.

5/7/18 - 6/15/18: EOY Current Year Wrap-up and New Year Preparation

5/7/18 - 6/15/18: EOY Program Participation Collection

6/1/17 - 6/22/17: EOY Attendance Totals

Average Daily Attendance (ADA) 2017-18

The ADA Collection - for this year - can be completed as soon as school is out, either by using the EOY Attendance Totals upload template (MT Edition users only) or by using the MT End of Year ADA calculation process (District Edition/MT Value Added users). After Infinite Campus/AIM is updated to version 1821 on June 15th, these processes will change and we will publish new guidance documents. (See further details below.)

ESSA Days Absent 2017-18

Note: There are different deadlines for MT Edition and District Edition Users.

MT Edition Users Deadline is June 22, 2018.

The ESSA #Days Absent field is currently available in Infinite Campus on the students’ enrollment tab. It can be populated via file import/upload after school ends for the 2017-18 school year. This value on the enrollment tab will then sync to the state and will be used by the OPI for federal reporting. The file upload template “End of Year Attendance Totals” can be used to upload ADA #Days Present, ADA #Days Enrolled and ESSA #Days Absent. Please see the AIM File Import Guide for upload instructions.

District Edition and MT Value Added Users Deadline of June 22nd, 2018 is Tentative.

New attendance tab calculation: There will be an automatic nightly ESSA absenteeism calculation process available starting in the Infinite Campus version 1821 update. It will calculate number of days ESSA absent and if the student is chronically absent. These calculated values will be refreshed nightly and seen inside students’ Attendance tab. The OPI is scheduled to take this 1821 version Infinite Campus update into AIM on June 15th.

New process to copy attendance tab value to enrollment tab: This process will copy the ESSA #Days Absent value from the attendance tab to the ESSA #Days Absent field on the enrollment tab. This value on the enrollment tab will then sync to the state and will be used by the OPI for federal reporting. This copy feature is currently being worked on and we are not sure when it will be available in an Infinite Campus. We are hoping to have this available for the districts in mid-July. The OPI will provide notification and guidance documents as soon as we know when this process will be available for District Edition and MT Value Added districts.

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