Version Update to Infinite Campus this Weekend

  • Friday, July 27th, 5 p.m. (This updates to version 1829)

The completion length of time for the Infinite Campus updates has been that AIM is back online within eight hours. The OPI sincerely apologizes for any inconvenience these interruptions of access to the AIM system may cause.

The OPI is offering to call or text or email you as soon as the AIM system is available.  If you would like us to contact you, please email or call Gail Harms at or 406-444-3494 with a request and she will follow up with you to let you know as soon as the system is available for use.

Following are highlights of what to expect with this release:

New Look: This release will be the first in a series to change the look of Infinite Campus. Version 1829 screens will be mostly white.

ESSA # Days Absent: For District Edition users, the ‘End of Year Attendance Totals’ process is ready to be run for the 2017-18 school year. This will parse the ‘Days Absent (Federal)’ value from the Attendance Tab, to each students’ matching ‘ESSA # Days Absent’ field on the Enrollments tab. The user guide for this process is also available on the AIM User Guides webpage: End of Year Attendance Totals User Guide.

State Enrollment Overlap report: Has been fixed to include options to see enrollments with N and S service types.

Below is a link to the full release notes for this version. You will need to be logged in to the Campus Community to access the following link. (If you don't yet have a Campus Community account, see our guide: Creating a Campus Community Account)

Date of Birth Not Being Saved

Some districts have experienced a problem with the date of birth disappearing when enrolling new students. Infinite Campus is aware of this issue and it is set to be corrected with version 1833. At this time, we are scheduled to take that update on October 19th, 2018.

Until then, the work-around is to go to the Demographics screen and enter the Date of Birth and click Save.

Path: Find student -> Index -> Census -> People -> Demographics -> enter Date of Birth -> click Save.

New Step During Transfers when Importing Enrollment History

Some districts have experienced a problem with retaining enrollment start and end status codes during a records transfer, when importing the Enrollment History. There is a new, extra step involved in this process. In the Student Records Transfer – Enrollment History Import screen, when you click Save, a message box will appear stating as follows:

Local Start Status and State Start Status are required.
Click OK to delete all imported State Start Statuses and continue with no Start Status selected.
Click Cancel to return and select Local Start Status before continuing.
                                                                                OK                         Cancel

To retain the start and end status codes in the enrollment history, click Cancel and select the Local Start and End Status codes that match the State Start and End Status codes.

Helpful OPI AIM Website Links

** Thank you for all that you do! Please don't hesitate to contact the OPI AIM Help Desk at 877-424-6681 or 406-444-3800 or email with any questions or concerns. **

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