ANNOUNCEMENTS for the Week of 8/20/18


The OPI AIM staff want to say Welcome back! We hope you are having a great week and start to your new school year!


We are looking at finalizing the 2017-18 end of year data in the AIM/Infinite Campus system and need your help! If you haven’t completed these processes, please refer to these user guides available on our AIM Web site. Please have these processes completed no later than Friday, Sept. 7th.


1) The process and user guides for the 2017-18 ‘End of Year Attendance Totals’ collection (formerly End of year ADA) is ready and available for all districts.


a. ‘End of Year Attendance Totals User Guide’.

b. Here is a list of some state published ad hoc reports in AIM to check your data:

         ADA 2017-18 Days Present > Days Enrolled

        ADA 2017-18 Missing Days Present or Days Enrolled

        NEW! EOY 2017-18 ADA/ESSA Days Less than Zero

         NEW! EOY 2017-18 ESSA Days Abs. More than Days Present

         NEW! EOY 2017-18 ESSA Days Absent Greater than Zero 

c. For those districts that don’t use Infinite Campus as your local student system (and use the Montana Edition of Infinite Campus to get your data to the state), and want to upload this data via a file into Infinite Campus, there is an upload template available called ‘EOY Attendance Totals Template’. 

2) Please also complete the 2017-18 ‘End of Year Program Participation’ collection:

a. Program Participation Collection Guide

b. Program Participation Collection Checklist

c. Program Participation Verification Guide

d. FRAM Direct Entry or File Upload Guide

e. EL Tool Guide

f. Military Connected Student Data Items in AIM 

The OPI AIM staff are glad to help! Please contact the OPI AIM Help Desk (1-877-424-6681)

Thank you for all you do!