OPI 2017-18 Achievement in Montana (AIM)Dropout, Graduate and Cohort Certification Process



Starting in the 2018-19 school year, the districts will be using Infinite Campus ‘Data Certification’ module to certify their previous years’ dropout, graduate and cohort data.   This is part of the AIM data collection called ‘Previous Year: Graduate, Cohort and Dropout Verification and Certification’. It starts on Tuesday, September 4th and is due on Friday, October 12th. The OPI has created reports inside Infinite Campus/AIM with counts and lists of students to be verified by viewing the list and then certifying the list and counts by submitting to the OPI.

  1. The first step, which is the verification process starts on Tuesday, September 4th.
  2. The second step, which is the certification process starts on Tuesday, October 2nd, (after the October 1st count date) to help collect accurate data for the October 1st count date.

Please Note: This is NOT a new data collection. It is a more efficient way of certifying data in Infinite Campus/AIM that replaces the former method of certifying the Dropouts, Graduates and Cohort data using the OPI Reporting Center.



Letters have been emailed to the person who the OPI AIM staff has recorded as the main ‘AIM Contact’ person at each district. This is to ensure they have a proper login account established inside Infinite Campus.  The OPI AIM staff will be expecting this main ‘AIM Contact’ person at each district to do the setup for the district staff to certify these four groups of data (7-8 Dropout, 9-12 Dropout, Graduation and Cohort) using the Infinite Campus ‘Data Certification’ module. 


Once the main ‘AIM Contact’ person has established the proper login account into the Infinite Campus/AIM system, they can refer to this AIM User Guide Graduate, Cohort & Dropout Setting Up Access for Certifying Data to know how to setup access to the certification area.  They can also refer to this AIM User Guide Graduate, Cohort & Dropout Admin Checking & Certifying Data to know how district staff will prepare and check student data before certifying and how to complete the final certification step. This will be done for each of the four data groups: 7-8 Dropouts, 9-12 Dropouts, Graduates and Cohorts.  The final certification step is the districts’ virtual ‘signing off’, telling the OPI AIM staff that the data has been reviewed/ verified by the district and that it is accurate.  The OPI AIM staff will be helping districts check their data and will communicate to the districts concerning the status of their certification process.


This certification process requires and helps ensure the completion this 2017-18 End of Year data by looking for accurate end dates and end status for all enrollments. Paying specific attention to dropout students who have since returned and the completion of all graduates’ diploma and cohort data.  These dropout, graduate and cohort groups of data will be included in the end of year 2017-18 reporting from the OPI to the federal government.  (Along with student program participation data and the end of year attendance totals (ADA and ESSA Abs.). 


The OPI AIM staff will be helping districts check and certify their data. We appreciates the districts patience and help during this process in getting this data as accurate as possible.

Questions?  Please contact Andy Boehm or AIM Help Desk for assistance.


Andy Boehm


AIM Help Desk